One Week Later…Or Never


“Hi! You wanna go to the movies?” -Mr.Pancake


“Oh hey…uh what time you want to go?” -the most coolest person in the world, me

” -.- ” -Mr.Pancake

This is basically a real life conversation that I have with my friends and family members. I just don’t think that constantly texting is my thing. I’m more of a face-to-face person type of person. So texting back has been a hard thing to do. Also because I’m lazy.

I literally see the message when its received through my phone but I don’t reply. I just don’t. Although, I do have a good excuse for some occasions. Sometimes, I’m eating or working out at that time. Or sleeping because some of my friends text really late at night. But sure, I can always text back later. However by the time I done with whatever I was doing, I forgot to text back.

So in the end I know what I must do.

Number 1: Remember to text

Number 2: Not be lazy

Number: Connect with real people instead of fangirling, I could just fangirl with them

Lessons I learned, hopefully lessons that I will use in the future.

Ducks and Geese

Man, I can’t believe I have to retype this because it’s hard to get back my ideas, but here it is. Oh, if you’re wondering about what I meant, it was because I accidentally clicked the back button on my computer, so everything I wrote before deleted, again. Oh technology, why do you do this to me? Anyways, here’s what this post is actually about.

So, in my English class we started doing poetry. Our assignment was to write a poem based on a picture that sparked inspiration and emotion from us. I didn’t have a particularity picture that I had in mind but I did know what I wanted to write about. Loss, loneliness and emptiness. This poem was for other children and families who miss their love ones that are in the military. Specifically towards, children and parents. I may not have a military family member but I do know the feelings that come around since my papa is a merchant marine.

So, to embarrass myself in the internet, here’s my sucky poem.

Goodbye, goodbye, there they go

Off to another world far from home

Into territories so unfamiliar

If only they could go home


Away, away, away from home

Away from their families where their hearts are own

Now in a place, far away from home

If only they could go home


Ducks, ducks, ducks, children of geese

Without them, no guidance for these

If geese are away, the ducks are afraid

Geese are their light

But now there is only darkness

Feeling lost and loneliness

For a child without a parent, is like a bed without sheets


If only they could go home


They feel like the Son of the Sea God

Left to be ignored and shunned

The bonds sometimes forgotten

But afterwards they regret their begotten

If only they could go home


Letters, calls isn’t the same

Your face, your smile still shining in my face

Without you, without them

My life is a shame

Your presence is so far but the memories still here

I miss you and all the things that we did and used to share

But there is one thing that will always be shared

And it’s the love for one another and to care

Sometimes, life isn’t what you expected

But it is what it is

If only they go home

Do you see my allusion? I had to put Percy Jackson in it because PJ is amazing! Honestly, I don’t even know why the whole ducks and geese started but it did. We have to also do an elegy which is something that I don’t know exactly what to do on. I heading towards the love route though. Hm, the so much ideas I could go for…


I had this really long post that I have been meaning to write down. So I typed it on this app on my phone which is a note app and guess what? BASICALLY EVERYTHING DELETED. It was (in my opinion) a really great post and post now have to retype the whole thing.

Laggy smartphones that is an old model will be the death of me. This is why I only used my laptop. I regret everything.

Comparing Dream Phone to Reality

I am the type of person who replies to a text a day after. Maybe a week even a week after depending on life. So if you want me to give a reply, ask my parents first for a better phone first then we’ll see about that. Having a sliding phone, that isn’t very good at staying in silent mode or vibrate, is something I will most likely not carry around with me 24/7.

When summer comes along, it will be officially three years of having the same phone. The same button pressing, boring phone. Sure, a lot of you may be judging me for being selfish. Some people don’t even have phones, you might think. But I am a human being meaning, I want things. Right now, I really want a smart phone so I can just watch my Youtube and anime in peace without having to bust out our family laptop everywhere I go.

This phone(above) is basically my phone.

Now this phone(above), is what I want.

If you had to choose one, which one would it be? For me, it would be the fricking IPhone which does so many things that my slow phone. You may be the person who would prefer the slide phone but that’s your own opinion and mine is hands down for that IPhone.

Rant: TB

I wonder what our ancestors would think about us today. About our techno savvy generation. The world has changed since the beginning of time. That much was obvious. Have you seen any dinosaurs crawling around?

To me, I think that our ancestors would be disappointed in us. There are so many things for them to be disappointed of but the one I wanna talk about today is respect. For those of you who haven’t known, I attend school, specifically middle school. This may or may not happen at your schools, but the students here don’t show respect at all.

Now, I’m not talking about everyone, just most of them. Let me tell you guys an example of a person at my school who shows a lot of disrespect. Let’s call him TB aka The Bastard.

TB, is what we call at my school, a social. One of the popular kids. But that doesn’t mean that only socials are rude. TB, is in two of my classes, History and Math. Seeing him twice a day isn’t that fun for me. I known him since last year where we had Math together but I doubt he even knows my face, he is pretty much self center around that.

Math is where he mostly is what he is called, bastard. He sits directly in front of the teacher and freakin sleeps. I know many of you might have done that or still does it, but sorry I kinda get bother by it. Think about it, not everyone gets education in a world like this. Why waste it? Sure, it is can be really boring but at least try okay?

Anyways, he acts like he is person we should bow down too. When he thinks he does something in class, he looks around to see our reactions. I smirk at him though, not smile but smirk because no one thought it was funny. Believe me, it wasn’t.

I love it when the teacher calls him out. She should do it everyday because this guy needs to learn. He needs to learn to shut up and needs to learn when to stop. When she calls him out for talking he literally says he wasn’t and I was like,

Don’t even lie

Lying makes everything worse. Don’t even try.

He doesn’t show the respect that teachers need. Have you guys heard the golden rule?

“Treat others the way you want to be treated?”

My math teacher is going to forever hate you TB if you keep being rude. Show respect to others so they don’t freakin falcon punch your face.

Where did all the respect go these few years? Children talking back to their parents,no manners, and no appreciation. The world has indeed changed drastically these last few years. Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse.

Modern World Sucks Sometimes

Hilo everybody! I live in America, where technology is used everywhere at every single second of our human lives. Technology is good, it helps us and without it most of us bloggers or lovers of social media wouldn’t be here reading this. That’s great. But you know what’s not great? Using technology, for large, LARGE amounts of time without real necessity.

Right now, I have fall break. That means relaxing and so much more sleeping time. It also means for others, like little siblings, to always play video games like the Xbox.

I love the Xbox. I have an account and even at one point had Live. It’s was fun and still is. But to use it for hours and hours and hours….JUST FUCKING STOP ALREADY. GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY WITH NATURE OR SOMETHING. READ A BOOK OR GO TO REAL LIFE PEOPLE.

tumblr_n3rt4yyOnZ1s49xrqo1_500 See? As simple as that!