Taeyeon- “I”

A little late, but here is our OST queen! Finally making her solo debut with a powerful and beautiful song titled, “I”.

I absolutely love this song! Everything about her title song and the album was just amazing! She also looked so happy in the MV and during music performances, which makes me happy as well.

So far besides “I” I like “U R” and “Stress”. What was some of your favorites? Our amazing leader has done so well with her solo debut! Let’s all support her till the end! Fighting Taeyeon!

Girls Generation-“Party”

Today is a great day folks! SNSD is back with one of their three new MVs! Since it’s summer themed that means, fun music that makes you wanna dance and catchy lyrics!

Truthfully, the first time I listened to the song, I didn’t like it. Maybe it was the part where the robotic sound(?) came up? I don’t know why but it annoyed me. However, after listening it, the song grew on me and is currently my jam for today.

Everyone looks gorgeous as always with their hairstyles and clothing! Haha, I wish I can be as pretty as them! Sunny’s hair is so bright lol. She has finally become what she is destined to do. A mermaid with the name of Ariel.

I can’t wait for their comeback stage! They are going to rock it!

SNSD Comeback Teaser

Whooooo! So yesterday SMTOWN released SNSD’s teaser for their new comeback!

So far, from the teasers, I like “Lion Heart” the best. It’s so catchy! I still can’t over Yoona being blonde! Yoona had always dark hair as far as I knew and now she’s blonde and rocking it. The others are looking amazing as well! Hyoyeon and Sooyoung with now short hair are both really pretty! Sunny with her haircut reminds me of The Boys Era. Seohyun, Tiffany and Yuri looking beautiful as always. Then there is Taeyeon. She is my GG bias and that shot of her was perfect! Her gaze towards the camera made me want to hug her and tell her how awesome she is.

Basically everyone looks gorgeous and I can’t wait for their comeback!

SNSD-“Catch Me If You Can” OT9

Omgosh. Omgoodness. OT9 ALL TOGETHER IN “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.” It’s beautiful… *sobs* Today I was just scrolling through Instagram when I found out that someone leaked the mv with Jessica in it!

This is obviously not fake. You can see many differences between this and the official. One of those points is Jessica is really there and you can hear her voice. Also, because she was there in the original that means that the lyric distribution is different from the official. Hyoyeon’s hair and Yuri’s also different colors. Some of their hairstyles are also different.

Yes, it does sound complete with Jessica. It feels whole. However the music video itself wasn’t as great as the official. Personally, I found the panning in the official much more appealing and interesting angles and camera movement than the OT9 one. Maybe the OT9 was not fully done but I still stick with that opinion.

It sucks that the leaked OT9 version isn’t complete (as of now maybe). I want to see the difference in choreography and vocal distributions.

Now, before we all once again cry about Jessica I have a great video to show you to lighten up your depressing SNSD feels.

I have never loved Super Junior as I do right now. This video makes me want to enter into their fandom and become an ELF. I felt like crying over how funny this was. They looked lie their were truly having fun and that made this video even more better. According to some Youtube comments (because I can’t tell them apart yet) they are:

Kyuhyun is Sooyoung

Eunhyuk is Hyoyeon

Leeteuk is Taeyeon

Sungmin is Sunny

Kangin is Tiffany

Donghae is Yoona

Ryeowook is Seohyun

Siwon is Yuri

Heechul is Jessica

This is far the most amazing Super Junior video I ever watched. Haha, Heesica!

Thank you, Kim Taeyeon

Today…was not a really great day for me. Family issues are really emotionally draining, especially if it’s at four in the morning. Too early. So, to get in the spirit of today being Saturday, I decided to play Taeyeon’s, from SNSD, OSTs and solo songs.

Her voice is really amazing! It can be powerful but it also can be soft and she always has emotion in it. You can see it in her face expressions and hear it in her voice. I wished I could sing like Taeyeon! She made me really happy. To hear such amazingness just made the rest of my day better. Kim Taeyeon, you are such a sweet, kind person. Please stay happy.

Which song did you like?

Killer Voices and Killer Dances

Hilo guys! It’s that time of week again! Music Friday! Except it’s now Saturday but that’s because when I went home, I just slept. School is tiring! Also, Fridays will be Music Friday instead of K-pop Friday because I might post some other music in other languages too. So first up we have GOT7’s mv, “Stop Stop It”.

I love the chorus! It was my first time watching it a couple of days ago and since I’m a wimpy person,  the beginning freaked me out bit because of the music. I can’t help it though! The music was scary! The choreography, is this song is really cool too and I’m jealous of their ‘high school’. It’s so colorful and nice looking! I wish my future high school would look like that!

Now we have Chen from EXO singing his OST, “Best Luck,” for the drama,” It’s Okay, It’s Love.” Let me say something. Chen is life. His voice will cause many pregnancies, just saying. One of my favorites singers, I especially like this song because it’s just him. It shows all his talent that some people ignore. Go Chen!

We all need some TaeTiSeo in our lives, especially if it’s their ballad,” Baby Steps.” They are all so pretty and amazing singers (especially Taeyeon, I’m just biased), I wish I can be like them. I would do anything for Taeyeon’s  their voices. Haha, trying not to be too biased here. But I really like the harmony between Seohyun and Tiffany! Also, Taeyeon’s high notes just makes me cry every time.

So, that’s all that I have today. I hope you like it!

Girl’s Generation-Catch Me If You Can

WHOO! SOMETHING AMAZING HAS HAPPENED TODAY. I hope you guessed correctly by looking at that title but I am going to say it anyways. SNSD’s new Korean and Japanese MV is out on Youtube on Smtown’s channel.

It’s so beautiful! I love the dance which is really cool and pretty hard looking. I also loved the fact that Yoona, Yuri and Sooyoung got more parts now! Especially Yoona who only gets one or two more lines! Hyoyeon even got more spotlight and was dancing in the center for a while which is another great thing because why did SM always put the main dancer in the side? Just because they aren’t visuals? Low.

This is also the first MV without the amazing Jessica Jung which abosulelty sucks but it’s okay. If Jessica and GG is happy we SONEs should be happy too. It will forever be forever 9 in our hearts!

Catch Me If You Can is going to be a MV that will hold a special place in heart. This is my first SNSD MV as a SONE! Although, I would have liked it with all 9 but, I will forever support this group of sisters!

This is personally not my favorite but it is well done because for me, Into the New World will forever be my favorite SNSD song.

Go ahead and watch! Let’s raise those views!