November 7th

Yesterday will be a day I never forget.

On Saturday, we had a band competition about thirty minutes away from our high school and because we had to go so early, around eight in the morning, I decided to sleep. Who wakes up so early on a Saturday? Not me that’s for sure.

Anyways, a few hours have passed since we arrived at our destination and then around two, one of my friends ask me go to with her to get something in the bus. So like the good friend I am, I went. We sat in the very back of the yellow bus where I was sitting earlier just joking around. Then she grabs this piece of paper from her gray jacket and told me to open it. Suspicious but curious, I did what I was told. Inside there were cheesy pick up lines and a question. A question that I whole heartedly said yes to.

Yesterday, was the day to end my single pringle days. Now, I’m a taken pringle with a cute girlfriend.

Is it More?

How do you know if you like someone?

The last time I liked someone was a boy back in the 5th grade. Whenever I was around him, I would blush like crazy, avoid his eyes and stutter. I acted like those stereotypical school girls and whenever I look back to those times, I’m embarrassed by actions.

Now, I’m in high school and I’m utterly confused. Here’s the thing, I know that a girl likes me. Me. As in a giant potato who loves hugs and can get super loud when hyper. Its kinda funny how she thinks I don’t know. She sits in a group a few feet behind me. I can hear her talking about me with her partner for math. When they do, it makes me smile though. Its cute. The thing is, I think she’s going to confess to me later today. I never received a confession before and never confessed to anyone, so I’m not really sure how it exactly works out but I do have a major problem, do I like her back?

I don’t blush and stutter like crazy when I’m around her. Maybe it’s because I read too many books and fanfiction, but should I feel like a lovesick fool they describe? Should I my heart beat super fast and my breaths become shorter when I see her? I don’t think I ever experienced that with her. Sometimes though, I would always look for her when I know she’s around. We do a lot of skinship like hugging, holding hands and touching each other’s hair so I don’t really know if that is consider romance. Is it?

Do I like her as a close friend? A girlfriend? Argh! I hope she doesn’t confess tonight at the homecoming football game because I really do need to sort myself out.

One Week Left

I’m counting down the days left in fall break and the amount of homework I haven’t finished. Gosh, I really need to stop procrastinating because of K-pop. I swear K-pop is the reason why I have no sleep.

So, to make sure I actually do stuff, here’s a promise to myself for tomorrow.

  1. Practice field show music because competition is coming up real soon

2. Do at least some homework. English and Biology especially!

3. Contact friends to let them know I’m not dead

Hopefully, I end up fulfilling my promise!

Try it Out!

Band has been one of the many things that I’m happy that I joined. I love the people around and making music. I like that when we play, we create this beautiful sound together. Band is something that I enjoy. However, there is something that I do not enjoy, that’s marching and playing at the same time.

Currently, it’s marching season and its also my first very one too so that means I’m a total noob. Let me tell you something, marching and playing will be one of the toughest things you might ever encounter. You have to memorize how much steps you take to get from one set to another. Your posture must always be perfect and the technique of marching must always be used, if not then that’s not marching, that’s walking. You have to use proper feet in each set. Are you going foreward feet or backward? Also, are you in diagonals or in straight lines?

Finally the worst one: are you playing and marching perfectly? My answer to that? Nope. Not at all. My tone turns all wonky and I lose breath because I have to quickly get to my place so I end up not playing which isn’t good since my trumpet section is featured a lot.

Otherwise, being in band is fun. I met so many people. Some in my grade, others that were upperclassmen that gave me tips for playing and school. You get to experience football games, competitions, and field trips. The latter two hasn’t happened yet, but next month it will!

For you youngsters that are reading this, try out for band! It’ll be one of the greatest moments you’ll have!

The Dark Abyss

I have a friend and I know that she needs support and help. Lately, many of us have noticed that something is off. Last week, she was much more quiet and sad, she didn’t talk to us and when we sat next to each other on the bus, she listened to music the entire time.

I have a feeling of what’s going on but how do I approach her? Should I sugarcoat it and subtly get to the problem? Or just straight up ask her? When they said high school would be interesting with dramas and  identity crisis, I never thought I would happened to be involved or know of it.

Please help me, so I can help her.