Sangami Needs Your Help!

Hilo everybody! So it’s not me that needs your help but instead a Fairy Tail fan fic writer named Sangami.

Read her profile for her how her problem started:

I could have just gave you a summary but why do that when you can copy and paste an URL? Anyways, if you are lazy like me to click that link, I guess I just have to tell you a short summary.  Ugh, fine.

So, Sangami finally updated her story “Love, Rain and, Frozen Tears” a few days ago. Her husband accidentally deleted the fan fic and it chapters 1-12 wasn’t backed up because she changed computers last year. If you read her profile, you can see how heartbroken she is.

For those of you, that read my last post a couple of days ago, I put the link to her fan fic. If you have, by any chance, have copies of her chapters, you can heal the broken hearts of Sangami, me and all her devoted readers. If you do, just send it to her by the fan fiction website. Just click that link from earlier and send as quickly as you can!

And for those of you that don’t have copies of her amazing work, if you have an fan fiction account please ask around or post it on your profiles!

Thank you!

UPDATE: Heh, it’s all good now. The story is back on! 🙂