Guys, let’s face reality here: the world fucking sucks. I’m pretty sure you heard of that already and how unfair it is but today it truly hit me hard of how much it sucks.

Everyone experiences pain. Emotionally or physical pain. Either way, you feel it hurts you messing up of you who are. A lot of people give into this pain by taking drugs, doing crimes and hurting themselves or worst.

Right here, right now, I just want to say: stop. Stop giving in. Don’t stop fighting against it. Never stop. If you stop, if you give up, then you just lost your motivation of living a happy peaceful life.

If you stop fighting, the people who loves you will also be hurt. You may take most of the damage but your love ones are hurting because you are.

Don’t ruin your life by inflicting pain upon yourself and taking drugs. At that point, it may have seem the best option but in fact it’s the worst. Drugs and self- harm are the worst possible way of solving a problem. It may have felt good and made you feel better but later you will regret it. Why are you giving yourself pain when others are unknowingly being given worst. Those people are receiving diseases and the true unfairness of how the people in this world is.

If you think the world is unfair because of some stupid thing remember: someone always has it worst so be glad.

This week at my school is Red Ribbon Week where we say no to drugs. Although that’s the main, general message, right now I believe there is should be something more to that. I believe that’s it more like say no to drugs and never say stop to life.