Participation Level: Low, Very, Low

So, school is about to be over pretty soon. Like a week soon. I have learned, once again, how low people put their efforts into activities.

Let me say this before I get any further. To have fun in a game, everyone has to put their efforts into it. It can’t be 1 v 5, where that one person in one side plays while the rest of his/her team is just talking amongst themselves. The game just becomes boring. It’s not fun anymore. It was probably not even fun at from the start!

I absolute hate it when teammates just end up talking in the back of the court, twiddling their hair and fingers, not doing anything that will affect the game at all, good or bad. It annoys me. So. Very. Much. Their participation level is so low, it’s basically nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

If you have a reasonable excuse, then its okay. Maybe your ankle hurts, maybe you feel like vomiting pretty soon. Then don’t play, I understand. However, if you are feeling totally fine that day and just are lazy, I will pray everyday that I am not somehow on your team. Because I am a competitive person. I want to win. Even, if it’s not a real competition, not a real tournament, I want to win. I have a competitive nature in me, so if you are slacking off and are even my friend, I will be secretly mad at you. I won’t talk to you for like 5 minutes. Not that bad compared to other people. Some people will be angry at you for like a day. Fortunately, I am in the more of the nice side but what I feel is still lingering there.

So please, please don’t slack off. Because my silent treatment to you will be torturous if we are true friends. Since, most of you guys are strangers to me, there wouldn’t be any damage to our potential friendship. So, it’s all good then.

I think it my wish for everyone to participate. Then I would actually enjoy P.E. I wonder if those people even know how their action effect the game and the other players. Ugh, I have so many questions for them. Unfortunately, I don’t think I would be getting any answers anytime soon.

“Hi, asdfghjkl!”

I wish I could speak every language. Wouldn’t it be cool? To interact with all these different people and laugh at terrible sub titles that didn’t go along at all with the actual show? The reason I brought this up is because of names. See, when I read Korean names on the internet I read them like the American I am. I have no Korean accent whatsoever and so when I want to say their names out loud, I instead describe the person.

“You know the tall one with large ears and is the rapper? Yep he is my current EXO bias.”

“You mean Chanyeol right? Dude, why didn’t you just say his name?”


It’s embarrassing to be a fan of a group and not know how to properly say each and every one of their names!

It like having a friend who you known since diapers but have no clue what their name is. Or not knowing what your own mother’s and father’s name is. It’s something that you need to know and how to pronounce.

“Hi, Christian!”

“My name is Jacob…”

Ah, life difficulties. That actually happened to me. I’ve known this girl for a week since we had the same P.E. period and I couldn’t remember her name. So it ended up being a guessing game where I was for sure her name was Scarlett. It wasn’t. It was Sophia.

But, hey, at least I remember it now, right? Progress.

My point is, parents need to come up with easier universal names. Haha, nah, that’s not it. My actual point is the hardships us fans have to endure when we talk about overseas things.

Fan problems right there.

Who Else Has No Social Life?

Okay, before I go on and rant in this post, let me ask you something.

Has your parents told you something similar to this?

“Stop being lazy! It’s a nice day outside, spend it with your friends!”

Have they? Because mine sure haven’t. I’m going to tell you something that I never told you guys before. I have no social life. I don’t go out with friends and attend parties. I don’t go to the mall or park. Believe me, it’s not that I don’t want to, its just because I’m not allowed.

You see, my parents are very,very, VERY, protective over me. Especially over me. I’m not allowed to walk to my bus stop, not allowed to go anywhere with my friends including houses, movies, or anywhere general and I’m definitely not allowed to have a social life.

I’m not joking! My bus stop is literally a few streets away but I’m not allowed to walk there because they are afraid of bad things happening. So, they have to drive me basically everyday, just to a bus stop. What a waste of gas, right?

I wonder what’s it like to hang out with friends, outside of school. It must be fun right? To go to all these different places and adventure out into the world. To do fun things without the teachers and principle always looking at your area and waiting to scold us. You know what this post was inspired from? My mom. My friends wanted to invite me to go the theaters so that meant I had to ask my mom and she said,”The time isn’t right yet.” Makes me sound like Percy Jackson.

After that, I told her I don’t have a social life because of all these restrictions. Guess what she said?

“You don’t need one. After college, you can start going to all these places and have that social life.”

IS MY PARENTS THE ONLY ONE LIKE THIS? I never heard parents ever saying something similar to this. Usually, its the opposite. But nope, my overprotective parents must keep their precious princess stuck in her tower.

I don’t want to be that princess. But if I had to be any, I would be Rapunzel, because at least she got her freedom (even if she did have to escape).

It’s boring to be stuck in a house with just technology. Although, technology can be amazing sometimes, it just isn’t the same, you know? The summer especially sucks, because I have nothing to do.

If you have read this far, I applaud you for actually reading my rant over my parents. Thanks for reading!


P.E. Problems

Gym class came be fun for me except for the one thing I hate the most. Running.

I love to do any other sport but that. Football, basketball even soccer, which I suck at. Those are fun to do. Running isn’t because I can never get a good time on it.

Today, we ran the mile and I got a personal best of 10:58. I’m happy but should I really be happy for getting a C? I was 2 seconds from earning a D. 2 SECONDS. That’s so very close to something I try not to receive.

It’s times like these that I wish that P.E. isn’t counted toward our GPA grade. You know how much easier it would be to get a 4.0 GPA? Last semester, I could have gotten it but since my running times are slow my grade goes down a lot. But it forces us to recognize our bodies that we don’t really notice in other classes. You find out your BMI which is something that should be taken seriously. I’m in the overweight category unfortunately and last year was almost at obesity. P.E. helps us try to figure out our body and what we should do with it. It forces us to move and for the overweight people too sweat and loose weight. That’s good. But do you really have to grade our BMI?

In my area, if you aren’t in the healthy zone in the BMI, you already failed part the testing. Personally, that’s messed up. Why do you grade how health we are? Some of us have a hard time sticking to diets and having the time to work out. It’s messed up.

To sum things up, if a zombie apocalypse ever occurs I would one the first to go. Brains~


WordPress just updated it’s looks and navigation again. I just got used to the other one! I’m sorry that I’m slow and all but it takes time. Well, I might not post in a while because I’m trying to get to once again get used to this. Also, because of my stupid Science Fair project and narrative I’m supposed to write, along with my finals. Absolutely hate tests although I understand why they created it but it just frickin sucks when you want a good grade in class but always get okay scores. So please be patient on my posts for the next two weeks.


I did sooo much work on Science Fair Project that’s due on Thursday…I’m screwed.

Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, but this movie sucked.

It was like a mixture of Star Wars, robots and World War II. Not a good combo. It also seemed quite off to me, not feeling like the fma series, instead feeling like it’s own little thing. Also, the villain in it was just suddenly there. She just pops up and does the whole taking over the world business. Is the villains always a new character in anime movies?

Anyways, some good stuff did come from here. Like seeing Al in his original form. That’s pretty much all I could think of.

A bit boring and a bit over the top but watch it after you watch fma so you see the official ending of the amazing 2003 anime season.

Rant: TB

I wonder what our ancestors would think about us today. About our techno savvy generation. The world has changed since the beginning of time. That much was obvious. Have you seen any dinosaurs crawling around?

To me, I think that our ancestors would be disappointed in us. There are so many things for them to be disappointed of but the one I wanna talk about today is respect. For those of you who haven’t known, I attend school, specifically middle school. This may or may not happen at your schools, but the students here don’t show respect at all.

Now, I’m not talking about everyone, just most of them. Let me tell you guys an example of a person at my school who shows a lot of disrespect. Let’s call him TB aka The Bastard.

TB, is what we call at my school, a social. One of the popular kids. But that doesn’t mean that only socials are rude. TB, is in two of my classes, History and Math. Seeing him twice a day isn’t that fun for me. I known him since last year where we had Math together but I doubt he even knows my face, he is pretty much self center around that.

Math is where he mostly is what he is called, bastard. He sits directly in front of the teacher and freakin sleeps. I know many of you might have done that or still does it, but sorry I kinda get bother by it. Think about it, not everyone gets education in a world like this. Why waste it? Sure, it is can be really boring but at least try okay?

Anyways, he acts like he is person we should bow down too. When he thinks he does something in class, he looks around to see our reactions. I smirk at him though, not smile but smirk because no one thought it was funny. Believe me, it wasn’t.

I love it when the teacher calls him out. She should do it everyday because this guy needs to learn. He needs to learn to shut up and needs to learn when to stop. When she calls him out for talking he literally says he wasn’t and I was like,

Don’t even lie

Lying makes everything worse. Don’t even try.

He doesn’t show the respect that teachers need. Have you guys heard the golden rule?

“Treat others the way you want to be treated?”

My math teacher is going to forever hate you TB if you keep being rude. Show respect to others so they don’t freakin falcon punch your face.

Where did all the respect go these few years? Children talking back to their parents,no manners, and no appreciation. The world has indeed changed drastically these last few years. Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse.