“Hi, asdfghjkl!”

I wish I could speak every language. Wouldn’t it be cool? To interact with all these different people and laugh at terrible sub titles that didn’t go along at all with the actual show? The reason I brought this up is because of names. See, when I read Korean names on the internet I read them like the American I am. I have no Korean accent whatsoever and so when I want to say their names out loud, I instead describe the person.

“You know the tall one with large ears and is the rapper? Yep he is my current EXO bias.”

“You mean Chanyeol right? Dude, why didn’t you just say his name?”


It’s embarrassing to be a fan of a group and not know how to properly say each and every one of their names!

It like having a friend who you known since diapers but have no clue what their name is. Or not knowing what your own mother’s and father’s name is. It’s something that you need to know and how to pronounce.

“Hi, Christian!”

“My name is Jacob…”

Ah, life difficulties. That actually happened to me. I’ve known this girl for a week since we had the same P.E. period and I couldn’t remember her name. So it ended up being a guessing game where I was for sure her name was Scarlett. It wasn’t. It was Sophia.

But, hey, at least I remember it now, right? Progress.

My point is, parents need to come up with easier universal names. Haha, nah, that’s not it. My actual point is the hardships us fans have to endure when we talk about overseas things.

Fan problems right there.

Ducks and Geese

Man, I can’t believe I have to retype this because it’s hard to get back my ideas, but here it is. Oh, if you’re wondering about what I meant, it was because I accidentally clicked the back button on my computer, so everything I wrote before deleted, again. Oh technology, why do you do this to me? Anyways, here’s what this post is actually about.

So, in my English class we started doing poetry. Our assignment was to write a poem based on a picture that sparked inspiration and emotion from us. I didn’t have a particularity picture that I had in mind but I did know what I wanted to write about. Loss, loneliness and emptiness. This poem was for other children and families who miss their love ones that are in the military. Specifically towards, children and parents. I may not have a military family member but I do know the feelings that come around since my papa is a merchant marine.

So, to embarrass myself in the internet, here’s my sucky poem.

Goodbye, goodbye, there they go

Off to another world far from home

Into territories so unfamiliar

If only they could go home


Away, away, away from home

Away from their families where their hearts are own

Now in a place, far away from home

If only they could go home


Ducks, ducks, ducks, children of geese

Without them, no guidance for these

If geese are away, the ducks are afraid

Geese are their light

But now there is only darkness

Feeling lost and loneliness

For a child without a parent, is like a bed without sheets


If only they could go home


They feel like the Son of the Sea God

Left to be ignored and shunned

The bonds sometimes forgotten

But afterwards they regret their begotten

If only they could go home


Letters, calls isn’t the same

Your face, your smile still shining in my face

Without you, without them

My life is a shame

Your presence is so far but the memories still here

I miss you and all the things that we did and used to share

But there is one thing that will always be shared

And it’s the love for one another and to care

Sometimes, life isn’t what you expected

But it is what it is

If only they go home

Do you see my allusion? I had to put Percy Jackson in it because PJ is amazing! Honestly, I don’t even know why the whole ducks and geese started but it did. We have to also do an elegy which is something that I don’t know exactly what to do on. I heading towards the love route though. Hm, the so much ideas I could go for…

Shadow Lamp Entry #1


Dear Diary,

What’s it like to be a shadow? Terrible.

Okay, I’m not going to sugar coat it and try to be all nice. Let me say it right now, being a shadow sucks. I can’t move anywhere unless my object version moves or of the sun. How does it feel if you had to be in the exact same place for hours? It’s boring. I just stand there being a good shadow I am. Well, guess what? I don’t want to be a shadow anymore! I want to be real and be able to be turned off or on just like the real version of myself. I want to have color and shine bright. I want to be just that but I can’t. I have to be stuck on this stupid wall and just lay here. Where’s a genie where I need one?

Help me,
Shadow Lamp

The Life Story of Original Chapstick


Original Chapstick has never been jealous in it’s life until now. Her original home used to be Walmart waiting for someone to buy it. For it was it’s job is to help the human’s lips preserve and beatified. It has been waiting for seconds, to minutes to long boring weeks.

It began to wonder,”Why isn’t anyone buying me?” Original Chapstick soon found it’s answer. Strawberry.

Everybody was buying Strawberry Chapstick! How could those humans do that, it wondered. Aren’t I better? Less smelly? More natural? Why would they pick Strawberry over me?

These thoughts have filled Original’s mind for a few more days until erased when it was finally bought. Finally, Original sighed (mentally) in relief. It was happy to be in used and help the human’s life.

Later, it began to resent humans as Original Chapstick rolled away in the deep corners in the bathroom floors. Never to be seen again.



Jeez, this was weird but for some reason I keep looking at my chapsticks and boom, this happened. Gosh, I’m a weirdo.</strong