Finally, Weekend is Here!

I totally forgot how tiring school was. Last year, I was always tired because I did my homework late but this year I decided to be a better student. So, I do it during my free period which makes everything so much easier but this week was exhausting. I had to do so much stuff. CCD (religious class), after school band practice, piano practice, homework, school projects, my week was full and busy.

Like, I am a creative person but forcing creativity out is not my style sometimes. We have this whole poem project that for my English class is due a week after received. I have to write different types of poems that must be in total 27-30 points. It’s due on Monday and I only did two so far out of the five I picked. My creative juices will al be squeezed out this weekend for sure.

Man, high school will be super tiring then if I find this difficult especially if I want to be in marching band. The things I do for music…


WordPress just updated it’s looks and navigation again. I just got used to the other one! I’m sorry that I’m slow and all but it takes time. Well, I might not post in a while because I’m trying to get to once again get used to this. Also, because of my stupid Science Fair project and narrative I’m supposed to write, along with my finals. Absolutely hate tests although I understand why they created it but it just frickin sucks when you want a good grade in class but always get okay scores. So please be patient on my posts for the next two weeks.


I did sooo much work on Science Fair Project that’s due on Thursday…I’m screwed.


I hate being a procrastinator. I literally hate myself.

“I should start running when I past that pole.” Passes pole, still walking

“Mom, I’m gonna exercise at 4:30 because I have to finish this assignment.” Finishes assignment at 5 ends up going on the computer

“I really need to go to the bathroom.” Hm, maybe after this Youtube video even though I feel like exploding

That’s basically my daily life. LATER, LATER, LATER. Well, I want to change that to NOW,NOW,NOW. Another example, about 3 months ago we were once again told about our science fair projects. We started it long ago and the data is supposed to be finished now. Let’s just say that whole data thing for me is not quite finish yet… Maybe I should go finish it now. Nah I’ll do it later.