It’s The Middle of 2015!

Today is a really important day for me. Today is exactly the middle of the year! I have been planning to post to this for months because I notice that I have a lot to say to all different people but I forget to and can’t. So to make up for that, this post is created!

Happy birthday to my favorite kpop groups and idols!

Happy birthday to my favorite fiction characters! Meaning every single Percy Jackson character! Jason’s was yesterday!

Happy birthday to my anime baes. Makoto and Armin, this one goes out for you~

Now I’m going to greet some actual people I know. Birthday greetings to my family and friends! I love you.

This post was a lot shorter than I imagine but I’m happy I got this off my chest. I forget birthdays really easily. 2015 is half way over! Make the rest of the year special with happy memories!

Ghost of Camp Halfbood

Hilo, hilo! So, I am here to show you this picture that I have created out of boredom.    Tada.

Now, let me explain exactly what this picture is.

It was supposed to be a regular, average girl but I needed to do something about that plain, blank shirt so I colored it orange wrote CHB and now she is a demigod. However, since I couldn’t decide on the skin color and hair, I left it blanked and colored everything else. So, to make a really good excuse of why she is super pale with white hair, let’s just go with ghost. The demigod that was stabbed and became a ghost. The one thing I’m not sure of is whether of not, the ghosts in that world where colorless of not. Haha, question of the day?

I hope you like it!

Ducks and Geese

Man, I can’t believe I have to retype this because it’s hard to get back my ideas, but here it is. Oh, if you’re wondering about what I meant, it was because I accidentally clicked the back button on my computer, so everything I wrote before deleted, again. Oh technology, why do you do this to me? Anyways, here’s what this post is actually about.

So, in my English class we started doing poetry. Our assignment was to write a poem based on a picture that sparked inspiration and emotion from us. I didn’t have a particularity picture that I had in mind but I did know what I wanted to write about. Loss, loneliness and emptiness. This poem was for other children and families who miss their love ones that are in the military. Specifically towards, children and parents. I may not have a military family member but I do know the feelings that come around since my papa is a merchant marine.

So, to embarrass myself in the internet, here’s my sucky poem.

Goodbye, goodbye, there they go

Off to another world far from home

Into territories so unfamiliar

If only they could go home


Away, away, away from home

Away from their families where their hearts are own

Now in a place, far away from home

If only they could go home


Ducks, ducks, ducks, children of geese

Without them, no guidance for these

If geese are away, the ducks are afraid

Geese are their light

But now there is only darkness

Feeling lost and loneliness

For a child without a parent, is like a bed without sheets


If only they could go home


They feel like the Son of the Sea God

Left to be ignored and shunned

The bonds sometimes forgotten

But afterwards they regret their begotten

If only they could go home


Letters, calls isn’t the same

Your face, your smile still shining in my face

Without you, without them

My life is a shame

Your presence is so far but the memories still here

I miss you and all the things that we did and used to share

But there is one thing that will always be shared

And it’s the love for one another and to care

Sometimes, life isn’t what you expected

But it is what it is

If only they go home

Do you see my allusion? I had to put Percy Jackson in it because PJ is amazing! Honestly, I don’t even know why the whole ducks and geese started but it did. We have to also do an elegy which is something that I don’t know exactly what to do on. I heading towards the love route though. Hm, the so much ideas I could go for…


When I have an obsession, it literally takes over my mind and body. I spend hours and hours listening and watching interviews, music, and reading about my obsessions. In my, not very many, years of life, I had many obsessions over the years. One Direction, Percy Jackson, Girls’ Generation, EXO, anime, just to name a few. Although, some of these obsessions are still very current (EXO fighting!), I am tired of being way too passionate about it! My brain can’t focus on what I need to do because of these obsessions. If winter break wasn’t happening right now, I’m pretty sure that I would fail at school. Here are a few examples of my brain during some of my classes.

90 then is divided by 6, add 14-


wait, what was I solving again?

Sally felt this way because the author-

why did Maes have to die?!?

…the author said so?

Keep dribbling, then pass the ball to-

someone call the doctor (hums tune)…OVERDOSE

when did the other team get the ball?!?

Okay, that’s a bit of a exaggerating but somewhat true. I try to pay attention in class but my wandering mind just keeps me distracted.

Now that I think of it, I should be thankful. If my brain wasn’t so distracted in class, I would have fallen asleep so many times. So I guess I dedicate this post to my overly distracted brain. Thank you brain, for helping me not sleep.


Hilo! It took me a whole week but two days ago I finally got, The Blood of Olympus, I’m just so happy right now!

All my Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books. The one without the cover is the Son of Neptune. When I got the book, I took off the cover and put it on the shelf so the cover wouldn’t be damaged. It’s been a few years since I visited that shelf and poof. It’s gone. 😦


It’s so small compared to the other books! 😡




It sucks that in the very last book we can’t read Percy’s, Annabeth’s, Hazel’s and Franks’s POV. That would have been awesome but I still do very much like who narrates the book.


Awww yeah! Reyna’s POV! Can’t wait to read about her past! 🙂


Lol, it looks dramatic with the lighting in my room


Yes! More books by our beloved author, Rick Riordan! I need moreeee books!!!


Personally for the US cover, I would have liked to see all Seven in it but it still looks great!

Differences Between the First Percy Jackson Book and Movie

Hilo everybody! Sorry I couldn’t post in the weekend, went camping!

Anyways, I have read the whole series of Percy Jackson and the second series Heroes of Olympus. Me, being the fangirl I am, went to see “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief,” only to be so disappointed. Nothing is like the book AT ALL.

For those of you, that have not read, seen or even heard about “The Lightning Thief” here’s a summary:

Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson is on the most dangerous quest of his life. With the help of a satyr and a daughter of Athena, Percy must journey across the United States to catch a thief who has stolen the original weapon of mass destruction – Zeus’ master bolt. Along the way, he must face a host of mythological enemies determined to stop him. Most of all, he must come to terms with a father he has never known, and an Oracle that has warned him of betrayal by a friend.


US cover
US cover


On the Youtube trailer, there was some people that was like,”Why hate the movie because of the book?” The answer to that is simple: think of the Harry Potter books and movies. Compare to that many things were kept the same and not much was changed. Yes, some scenes were taken out but that would be a forever long movie and then your butt becomes numb form seating in that exact position for too long.


Without a plot, you have no story. Changing that plot, changes the whole story. Exactly what happened with the movie. In the book, the trio, Percy, Annabeth and Grover were sent on a quest to find who stole the Zeus’ master lightning bolt. They went with the permission of Chrion and Dionysus. However, in the movie they went outside camp without the camp directors permission and the whole point was entirely different. Yes, they went to save his mother but the quest in the movie lead to a whole different point. Instead of searching for the master bolt they travel the country for pearls that THEN lead to Hades’ domain. WHAT THE HECK?!? The whole movie was to find pearls but in the book it was later given to them.


Sometimes, age doesn’t matter. In this case, yes it does. Instead of being around 12 years old, they are all already teenagers in high school. Um, what about the prophecy? Oh, in the second movie they just happen to change the whole age thing. Apparently, just because they wanted it to fit a certain age group, they needed older actors and couldn’t stick to the original. In Harry Potter, they used the EXACT same actors(except Dumbledore). Why couldn’t they do that? I don’t know but I really wish they had.


Oh, the ending. I just hate that stupid ending. Instead of the god of war, Ares, stealing the bolt it was Hades. They changed the whole ‘villain’ of this story. Also, Grover wasn’t supposed to stay in the Underworld, instead they had to leave Sally, Percy’s mother, there.

Since not everything can be in a little category as above, here’s a list of everything else, not in order. Most of things listed down below, is just kinda the main things.

1) Percy was in a private school that was not close to his house, not in a public school a walk away.

2) It never showed the Fates which become very important in the last book(if the movies even goes this far).

3) Book Chiron and Grover pretended that they didn’t know what happened with Mrs. Dodds. Movie Chiron and Grover acted instantly on Percy’s safety and forced him to immediately go to Camp Half-Blood.

4) They know who Percy’s father is after Capture the Flag. Not before with some weird instinct that Poseidon is his father.

5) Annabeth is blonde and does not show any romantic feelings towards Percy yet.


6) Nobody in camp ever wore the Camp Half-Blood t-shirt

camp half blood

7) The cabins are supposed to have all the children from the same god/goddess but if you looked Annabeth and Luke were the only ones living in their cabins. Annabeth and Luke have a lot of siblings so why is it empty?

8) Demigods are not supposed to have technology because it attracts monsters. So why was Luke playing Modern Warfare? Yes, he was evil and all but didn’t anyone ever go inside? Also, why does Percy have an iPod? If his mom knows that his powerful godly smell will attar many monsters shouldn’t she know about technology attraction?


9)  The winged shoes that Luke gave them. Those magical flying converse were activated when they were in the Underworld. Not when they needed to fly on top of Athena’s statue(which didn’t even happen in the book) and to fight against Luke.

10) Yes, a good action movie is good with well, action. But not everything goes like,’talk, run, FIGHT, talk again, funny scene, FIGHT, FIGHT,FIGHT’ The ending with Luke was to me just too much.

11) Oracle never appeared…will Rachel ever make an appearance?

So yup thats basically all those main things. Thanks you reading!