Why Fan Fiction is much more…

Hilo everybody! In my previous posts, I told you that I’m in love with fan fiction. If you’re new to my blog and just got here, well now you know. Anyways, many people I know think fan fiction is weird and disgusting. This is where I’m going to convince you it isn’t.


Have you ever tried writing an original book or short story? For most, including me, it’s difficult to come up with original characters and original plots so it doesn’t seem overused and the same as others. Many love people love to read and write but has trouble coming up with their own inspiration. So they use already made creations and characters, and write the most amazing stories. In my opinion it isn’t stealing anything or anyone, we are just our imagination more.


Besides, this is the modern world. Many things have been tried for all the centuries that Earth has been here. Most things that many think is original, might have been already done, it just happens to appeal the audience at that time.

Not Gross

Depending of what you’re reading, it isn’t gross. On http://www.fanfiction.net the website I go on, there are filters of what type of story you wanna read. You can pick who you most want to read about, the ratings and the type of genre. So if you wanna read something beyond inappropriate or want to avoid it, either click Rated M or Rated K-> T.



DO NOT READ RATED M IF YOU CAN NOT HANDLE IT AND IF NOT PROPER AGE. RATED M MEANS MATURE SO DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH. For all you not an adult yet and want to read those stuff, you will never be innocent again… I want all you youngsters to be as pure as you can possibly can!



I guess, that’s all I gotta say for this post. Thanks you for reading!