Ouran Host High School Club

I never ever thought I would like this anime. NEVER. Back then, when I was new to anime, I searched randomly through the internet to add to my ever growing list of,’must-watchs,’ and somehow came across the 26 episode anime, Ouran Host High School Club. After reading Wikipedia, it didn’t sound very interesting to me.

So few months later, meaning this spooky October, I watched it. And guess what? I loved it! When my anime life started, I didn’t think I would go for the romance genres. I wasted so much time!

The Host Club

Since I just shared my astonishment to Ouran HHSC, you may be wondering what it’s ¬†actually about, for those of you who have never heard of it.


The story begins with a commoner named, Haruhi Fujioka. She attends Ouran High School, where the wealthy are educated. One day, when finding a place to study, she accidentally enters Music Room #3 where she meets the,all-male, Host Club. The Host Club immediately thought she is a boy and begins to converse with her, much to Haruhi’s displeasure. When trying to escape, she knocks over an expensive vase. Since she didn’t have that much money to pay them back, they all decided for her to become a member of the Host Club to repay her debt. After finding out she was a female, she was still forced to pretend that she was a guy.

I really, really like this anime! Really funny and it explores the characters very well. There is some things that might bother you like twincest but it isn’t that bad.

Although I really like this anime there was a few things I didn’t really like.

1) The random monkey that throws banana peels so the characters fall and won’t reach their goal. Sometimes the monkey is great and funny but when it’s a more serious scene I don’t like it because it kills the mood.

2) Renge’s laugh! I watched the subbed version and I just really, really, REALLY, find her laugh a bit too annoying.

Hehe, just two things which means there are a lot of good things about this anime. I do recommend for those of you anime lovers you like romance but don’t recommend for action lovers. No fighting or violence whatsoever except a few punches.

Now let me introduce you the Host Club!

The “Boy Lolita” type, Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka


The “Little Devil” type, Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin


The “Princely” type, Tamaki Suoh


The “Strong but Silent” or “Wild” type, Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka


The “Cool” type, Kyoya Ootori


Finally we have the honorary member of the host club and known as the “Natural” type, Haruhi Fujioka


I’m really sorry I couldn’t post over the week but because of school and homework, I didn’t have time. Most likely, I will be posting of the weekends.

Now here’s the opening!

Sorry if there isn’t any English lyrics, I couldn’t find any videos with them!