Thank you!

Hilo! Today I’m really happy and its all thanks to you guys! Recently, I just hit around 150 total views and a little bit over 20 followers. To some of you, those are really small numbers. To me, this is really big. I never thought I would go as far as that and I want to thank all of you. This may not be much, but I drew this drawing just for you guys. It’s Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail!

This was my first time using this app called SketchBook. I didn’t like how this version was going so I didn’t continue.

The outline and eyes in the new draft.
I wasn’t sure about the hair color at first but I wanted it to be exactly like Juvia. But now that I think about it, it looks similar.
I know her fur collar is white but I did a light shade of Gray (lol) instead.

Almost done!
Whoop final drawing!
Whoop final drawing!
This is the photo I based it on. I used my iPad and had to double click the home button so many times just so it can look similar. I wanted to do the face expression the same but after I got frustrated in trying to draw the left eye I went with happy, winking face

Heh, it’s not the best drawing you probably ever seen but that’s probably the best drawing I ever drew. Even if it’s on an app.

Once again, thank you everybody for your support!