Is it More?

How do you know if you like someone?

The last time I liked someone was a boy back in the 5th grade. Whenever I was around him, I would blush like crazy, avoid his eyes and stutter. I acted like those stereotypical school girls and whenever I look back to those times, I’m embarrassed by actions.

Now, I’m in high school and I’m utterly confused. Here’s the thing, I know that a girl likes me. Me. As in a giant potato who loves hugs and can get super loud when hyper. Its kinda funny how she thinks I don’t know. She sits in a group a few feet behind me. I can hear her talking about me with her partner for math. When they do, it makes me smile though. Its cute. The thing is, I think she’s going to confess to me later today. I never received a confession before and never confessed to anyone, so I’m not really sure how it exactly works out but I do have a major problem, do I like her back?

I don’t blush and stutter like crazy when I’m around her. Maybe it’s because I read too many books and fanfiction, but should I feel like a lovesick fool they describe? Should I my heart beat super fast and my breaths become shorter when I see her? I don’t think I ever experienced that with her. Sometimes though, I would always look for her when I know she’s around. We do a lot of skinship like hugging, holding hands and touching each other’s hair so I don’t really know if that is consider romance. Is it?

Do I like her as a close friend? A girlfriend? Argh! I hope she doesn’t confess tonight at the homecoming football game because I really do need to sort myself out.

The Dark Abyss

I have a friend and I know that she needs support and help. Lately, many of us have noticed that something is off. Last week, she was much more quiet and sad, she didn’t talk to us and when we sat next to each other on the bus, she listened to music the entire time.

I have a feeling of what’s going on but how do I approach her? Should I sugarcoat it and subtly get to the problem? Or just straight up ask her? When they said high school would be interesting with dramas and  identity crisis, I never thought I would happened to be involved or know of it.

Please help me, so I can help her.


It’s times like these, that I want to know my path. Some people already know their path, what they will grow to be. Me? I have no clue. None. This scares me. Sure, I may have about three or four years to figure this out but I want to know now. So I can pick the right courses in high school that will make my path much more easy and smoother. 

I don’t even have any clear interests. Except music and reading is something that I like to do but, in my opinion, is a hard to take. (Also dancing but I just do it secretly in my bedroom with pretty weird dance moves) Not everyone makes it to the music and author business and become super successful. Most likely, I would have been those people. 

Maybe, even acting but I don’t know about that because that too, is unpredictable and likely to become a huge flop. I never even act on stage before just random lines in front of the mirror in my bathroom.

So far, my path is pretty foggy and hard to decipher. It would mean a lot to me, if you guys can help me out with my situation? Just comment below some career suggestions that you think I or anyone else would be interested in. Or just any career suggestion because who knows? That job that isn’t something that I would personally go for at first, might be my future career.  I’ll research it and see if that it’s something that I could be.

Thanks a lot!

Should I?

Most stories start by ‘once upon…’ or something funny or happy. Mine? Not even similar to that.

I don’t remember when my life turned into a living hell because that’s all I remember. This place where I was forced to stay, never leave, was my prison. 

It started when I was ten. I was having a birthday party in my backyard with my friends and eight year old brother, Tim. I invited a few of my closest friends that Mother allowed and approved.

It was weird having them here at my house. Mother never let anyone come inside and I was never allowed to go inside theirs. Like every child, I thought that it sucked but I grown used to it. That’s why I was really happy when she allowed permission for the party, I didn’t think that suspicious at that time. What an idiot I was.

Since I never been to a party or ever hosted any, it was awkward and tense. We just ate our food quietly on the table. Should a party ever be this quiet?

I looked over to my brother who was looking confused too. Many people who seen us together said we looked the same. Same jaw line, light brown eyes with matching messy brown hair. We were basically twins only a few years apart. Automatically, I felt guilty. This wasn’t only just my first party, it was also his too.

Hilo guys! So what you just read was part of my story,’Once Upon a Nightmare,’ which was based on a nightmare I had a week before Halloween. I wanted to finish this and post it before or Halloween itself but then I freaked myself out because I can’t face scary things. I don’t really know if I should continue it or just kinda stop(even though I really do want to finish). What do you think I should do?

Sangami Needs Your Help!

Hilo everybody! So it’s not me that needs your help but instead a Fairy Tail fan fic writer named Sangami.

Read her profile for her how her problem started:

I could have just gave you a summary but why do that when you can copy and paste an URL? Anyways, if you are lazy like me to click that link, I guess I just have to tell you a short summary.  Ugh, fine.

So, Sangami finally updated her story “Love, Rain and, Frozen Tears” a few days ago. Her husband accidentally deleted the fan fic and it chapters 1-12 wasn’t backed up because she changed computers last year. If you read her profile, you can see how heartbroken she is.

For those of you, that read my last post a couple of days ago, I put the link to her fan fic. If you have, by any chance, have copies of her chapters, you can heal the broken hearts of Sangami, me and all her devoted readers. If you do, just send it to her by the fan fiction website. Just click that link from earlier and send as quickly as you can!

And for those of you that don’t have copies of her amazing work, if you have an fan fiction account please ask around or post it on your profiles!

Thank you!

UPDATE: Heh, it’s all good now. The story is back on! 🙂


Okay, so I have some serious a question, that will make a big effect in my later posts. Do you know what fan fiction is? If not, it’s stories that are written by fans of the author’s works. Fan fiction writers use the characters and plot to write their own stories they think of. Mostly fan fictions are romance or family genres.

I am a fan fiction reader. I haven’t written any fan fiction myself but I do plan on that sometime in the future. Anyways, I want to recommend some fan fiction to you guys but I have a question.

Do I have to ask permission to write good things and the title plus summary before I post?

Please, comment down below because I’m not really sure. Some people ask others to use their artwork. Does that same thing apply to this situation. I’m not copying and pasting the whole story on this blog, I’m just recommending it to you guys and giving a quick little summary I made.