Late October Fan Fiction Recommendation

Hilo everyone! I totally forgot go do to this last month so let’s just pretend it’s October. Think Octobery stuff like (depending on where you live) Halloween, candy, costumes and all that stuff. Do you feel the October vibe? I hope so.

First recommendation I have for you is a fanfic about the summer anime Free!

“I Don’t Know Why I Got Married” by GeoFount

[Gou x Mikoshiba] When the Iwatobi Swim team goes to another country for a summer program, Gou thinks this might be the chance they need to earn some money and help her brother be his old self again. What she didn’t plan on is waking up one morning after a night of really stupid drunken partying to find herself married to the Captain of the Samezuka swim team.

Rated M (When I began to read it, it was Rated T but I guess the way the story was leading up to, it started going to the Rated M area. So, PLEASE DON’T READ IF YOU WANT TO STILL BE INNOCENT)

Status: Not completed


Check it out here!

Currently 26 chapters almost 200,00 words. I really, really do love this fic because it develops more character development in Gou and Mikoshiba that we don’t see in the anime. I like how the sudden marriage to each other gets Gou to show her feelings. Gou always paid attention to her older brother, that’s even the reason why she became manager. It’s nice to see her showing more romance love than sibling bonding love.

Next up we have an Attack on Titan fanfic!

“A Ring for a Scarf” by celticvampriss

“Jean glanced behind him, red fabric drifting away from Sasha’s open fingers. It fluttered like a leaf, floating until the wind caught it and blew it away, toward the break in the trees up ahead.” It all started when Mikasa lost her scarf. Jeankasa. Rated for swearing (f*bombs.) Action heavy in the beginning. (Slightly AU) COMPLETED

Rated T

Status: Completed 


Click this link to read it!

From the very beginning of Attack on Titan, I have shipped Jean and Mikasa together. That one moment of Jean complimenting her hair made me ship them so hard to fangirl over them. In this fan fic, I like how celticvampriss show how Mikasa feels for both Jean and Eren. How much she loved Eren but Eren didn’t give her much attention, romance wise. Then comes Jean who finally expresses how he feels. My second favorite pairing out of the whole series, Petra and Levi, of course, being my first 🙂 !

Anddd, that’s all the October fanfics I want to recommend to you guys! Hope you guys enjoy those them!

Should I?

Most stories start by ‘once upon…’ or something funny or happy. Mine? Not even similar to that.

I don’t remember when my life turned into a living hell because that’s all I remember. This place where I was forced to stay, never leave, was my prison. 

It started when I was ten. I was having a birthday party in my backyard with my friends and eight year old brother, Tim. I invited a few of my closest friends that Mother allowed and approved.

It was weird having them here at my house. Mother never let anyone come inside and I was never allowed to go inside theirs. Like every child, I thought that it sucked but I grown used to it. That’s why I was really happy when she allowed permission for the party, I didn’t think that suspicious at that time. What an idiot I was.

Since I never been to a party or ever hosted any, it was awkward and tense. We just ate our food quietly on the table. Should a party ever be this quiet?

I looked over to my brother who was looking confused too. Many people who seen us together said we looked the same. Same jaw line, light brown eyes with matching messy brown hair. We were basically twins only a few years apart. Automatically, I felt guilty. This wasn’t only just my first party, it was also his too.

Hilo guys! So what you just read was part of my story,’Once Upon a Nightmare,’ which was based on a nightmare I had a week before Halloween. I wanted to finish this and post it before or Halloween itself but then I freaked myself out because I can’t face scary things. I don’t really know if I should continue it or just kinda stop(even though I really do want to finish). What do you think I should do?

Update: Halloween Terror

School today was a bit uncomfortable. Remember my last post about my slightly inappropriate smurfette costume? Well, it wasn’t that bad as I thought. That’s only because I had to hold my math binder for the entire day.

But when the only time I did out it down,at lunchtime, one of my friends commented on it.

Wanna guess what he said?

“It looks like you have yellow nipples.”

Exactly my thoughts.

Anyways, my Halloween terror is officially over(I hope) and I do pray that I might get something a bit different more appropriate next year.

Happy Halloween to you guys and have a fun but safe time!

My Halloween Terror

Today is the spooky, candy filled day, Halloween. A lot of you guys love, hate or just plain neutral about it. Me? Absolutely love it. Getting so much sugar and having fun with my family, I love doing that. What I hate doing is getting the most important thing, a costume.

For two or three years I wore the exact same costume. It was a black and green sparkly witch costume. We never knew if we should go trick of treating until the last minute and that doesn’t give me much time to go to the store and buy one. Last year I wore a mask, of the green, ‘It’s alive!’ man Frankenstein. I wanted something a bit more than a mask but since every year is last minute I found it, in our crib (The crib is toys my siblings and I kept over the years and left it there. Sometimes, when my cousins come they go and play with it, so it isn’t unless all the time).

Anyways, this year, we actually planned to go beforehand. That was a big shocker. Even more, it’s with my other cousins that we haven’t been trick or treating with the last few years. Which means I have to find a good costume.

I am a slightly insecure person. I base on what I wear that day on thinking of what other would wear. I based my backpack on looking nice so others wouldn’t comment and judge harshly on it. Some people say they don’t judge but I know that they actually do. Every human does, even me. We judge each other no matter what but the difference is how they act to that. Will they make faces? Whisper or comment about it? Or just glanced and say nothing at all?

That’s what I’m worry about. I have cousins who are very blunt and I know they mean the best but that affects how I do things and pick things. This is why picking up the perfect costume was such a struggle.

Last weekend, it was my first time entering Party City. It was just…wow! There was so many costumes on that one very wall. It has pictures of the costumes showing the prices and sizes. Then to get it, you order to one of the employees and they ask their coworkers in the storage room to get it.

I never seen so many costumes at one time even if they were pictures. There was so much to choose and I had school the next day so I can’t look until it closes. I look automatically look for the cheap ones, costumes close to $20. Then I found it. It was an smurfette.

I tried it on, and thought it was the best thing ever and bought it. Now, I regret everything.

There are two fake flowers on the costumes and it happens to be on my chest area…and I’m wearing it to school.

Do you see the big inner problem I’m having? Not only does it look very, very inappropriate, it also gives out a signal, ‘Look this way!’

So here’s my advice to all you guys. Make sure you pick the costume that won’t make you regret it.

Although, my inner terror doesn’t seem that bad, I guess it’s just the nerves that’s getting to me.

Wish me luck!