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I’m a fangirl when it comes to shipping. If someone goes against my shippings I can’t help but argue, even though I know in the back of my mind that that’s their own opinion. BUT I CAN’T HELP IT! Since a few months ago, I have recently watched the popular anime Fairy Tail. This anime has made me gone to full anime fangirl shipper.


Here’s a brief summary of Fairy Tail. This anime mostly revolves around the two main protagonist Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragoneel. They become a team, along with a flying cat named Happy, in the most powerful guild,Fairy Tail. Together along with their nakama (friends) they battle against other powerful mages and guilds.

lucy_heartfilia_render_by_annaeditions24-d6nij36                                                             Natsu-Dragneel-fairy-tail-17464810-1798-2560

Somewhat later on the series, is the Phantom Lord arc. This arc introduces badass Gajeel Redfox and Juvia Loxar. When Juvia finally turns to the good side, she automatically loves the Ice mage, Gray Fullbuster. Here’s what irritates me the most though. Some people think the way Juvia acts around Gray is creepy.

Juvia_first Fairy-Tail-image-fairy-tail-36777300-900-816     587304-fairy_tail___155___large_14Juvia-New-FairyTailAnime-CharacterArt

Juvia’s clothing transformation and animation throughout the series

Gray-Fullbuster-fairy-tail-34836716-380-190 The Ice Mage stripper Gray Fullbuster

Juvia had a rough past because of the rain. Everywhere she went, the rain followed. Drip,drip,drop. When the rain finally went away because of Gray, she knew she was in love. Since then, she stalked him behind pillars and gave him food and items, hand made by her. She called other women ‘love-rivals’ and talks about Gray’s body. Most people find that she only likes Gray because of his appearance. That’s not true.

Think about it. It’s hard to express your true feelings out. When it’s about the littlest of things or something majorly important and life changing. Will you always tell your crush all the single reasons why you like him/her? I guess, the only way she can express her feelings is saying ‘Juvia loves you’ (she talks in third person) and talking about his body.

Together though, they are just too cute! At first, it is beyond noticeable that he doesn’t think the same as Juvia. He sometimes ignores her and sometimes is very weirded out by her very direct advances. Though, it can be sure that he cares for her as a nakama. Throughout the series, it shows them becoming more closer and it shows a bit more of Gray’s feelings toward Juvia.

And that wraps up this post but I did forget to say: Gruvia is my Fairy Tail OTP! I shall forever support it! For you anime lovers out there, go ahead and watch! When you do answer this: what is your favorite shipping in Fairy Tail? Who’s your favorite character and if you were part of that world what would your magic power be?  Answer that in the comment section! Thanks for reading!

ibxktkj7d7y5jW          Gray_and_Juvia's_Unison_Raid

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