One Year of Blogging

I haven’t realized what today was until I logged onto WordPress. Today, is exactly the day I started this blog.

Hilo Randoms has gone a long way. I haven’t expected to get many followers and just gaining a few every month made me happy. So I’m proud that I have 108 followers. Many of you guys have over that with a smaller amount of time to gain them but I’m proud.

I know that I haven’t been the greatest person to my blog. Sometimes, I wouldn’t update for a week or more but for my second year on WordPress I hope to create many new posts in the future. Even if it’s something small or large, that is my goal and I hope to achieve it.

Let’s spend many years together!

My Writing Goal

Hilo everybody! I love to think of stories in my head. Whether sad, happy or romantic stories, it just pops up. I never actually written those stories down before. Well…actually that’s a lie. I did happened to try that one time. Never did work out well. Is it just me or when you think of something and actually do it, it isn’t as wonderful as you thought it would be?

At that time, when I tried writing for fun, I never did really try. I wrote a chapter then put if off until I never wrote about it again. This year though I’m making a goal. I’m going to write at least a short story, edited, and will finish it by next…summer. Yes, I know that’s in 2015 but with school and homework and just life in general, I have trouble with all of this. So wish me luck on my writing goal!

Do you have any goals that involves writing or reading? Comment down below if you do! Remember to follow Hilo Randoms if you want to read more quickly!