Big Hero 6

(Contains spoilers for those of you who haven’t watch it yet!)

Most amazing movie I ever watched, period. No more words to be said.

Frickin’ awesome animation, story and such adorable characters! Bay Max is so cute! I just want to squeeze him to death! When he was deflating after the police station scene, Bay Max acted like a total drunk. I thought it was hilarious and imagine the robot as a human.

The Marshmallow of Cuteness

Unfortunately, Some parts of it were predictable but it’s Disney. Disney screams for predictably. It was either the Professor or his brother. No one else could have been behind that mask. Simple as that.

I feel extremely bad for not watching this movie sooner because I feel like I missed out. Finally got to see it today and not kidding, few tears were shed during those last scenes.

If you haven’t watch it yet, go watch it now because this movie was just amazing! If you never heard about this movie check out the wiki here:

“I am satisfied with your care.”

Rant: TB

I wonder what our ancestors would think about us today. About our techno savvy generation. The world has changed since the beginning of time. That much was obvious. Have you seen any dinosaurs crawling around?

To me, I think that our ancestors would be disappointed in us. There are so many things for them to be disappointed of but the one I wanna talk about today is respect. For those of you who haven’t known, I attend school, specifically middle school. This may or may not happen at your schools, but the students here don’t show respect at all.

Now, I’m not talking about everyone, just most of them. Let me tell you guys an example of a person at my school who shows a lot of disrespect. Let’s call him TB aka The Bastard.

TB, is what we call at my school, a social. One of the popular kids. But that doesn’t mean that only socials are rude. TB, is in two of my classes, History and Math. Seeing him twice a day isn’t that fun for me. I known him since last year where we had Math together but I doubt he even knows my face, he is pretty much self center around that.

Math is where he mostly is what he is called, bastard. He sits directly in front of the teacher and freakin sleeps. I know many of you might have done that or still does it, but sorry I kinda get bother by it. Think about it, not everyone gets education in a world like this. Why waste it? Sure, it is can be really boring but at least try okay?

Anyways, he acts like he is person we should bow down too. When he thinks he does something in class, he looks around to see our reactions. I smirk at him though, not smile but smirk because no one thought it was funny. Believe me, it wasn’t.

I love it when the teacher calls him out. She should do it everyday because this guy needs to learn. He needs to learn to shut up and needs to learn when to stop. When she calls him out for talking he literally says he wasn’t and I was like,

Don’t even lie

Lying makes everything worse. Don’t even try.

He doesn’t show the respect that teachers need. Have you guys heard the golden rule?

“Treat others the way you want to be treated?”

My math teacher is going to forever hate you TB if you keep being rude. Show respect to others so they don’t freakin falcon punch your face.

Where did all the respect go these few years? Children talking back to their parents,no manners, and no appreciation. The world has indeed changed drastically these last few years. Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse.