Scrabble- The Hardest Game Ever

Honestly, my mind literally goes blank when I play this game. I couldn’t think of words that would fit in the spaces that would go along the game rules! About a week ago, *cue music* I played Scrabble with my grandma. We both have advantages from each other. English is my first language when her’s is not, however, she has been a teacher and alive for years. So who do you think would win? Not me. Definitely not me. She¬†crushed me! I had about 140 points while she had 225! That’s almost 100 points off. 100. 1 0 0. I have plenty of excuses why I lost though.

1) The good letters with more points, I couldn’t get it into the colored squares!

2) I had great and longer words but no area to put it in. None. There was no words on the board that would allow the words I want to put!

3) I got Z. I was so angry when I got Z! When I’d finally made a word with my Z, I got two V’s! Two V’s. What am I supposed to do with those letters! The only word I could think of was van. Only van and nothing else.

Then a few days ago, I lost again! By three points! THREE POINTS. My grandma is a scramble mastermind. A brilliant wizard in the intense and tiring game of scrabble. One day, one day…I will get my revenge and win!


The worst thing for a person to do during finals is to become sick. I, of course, became that person who never listens to my own advice. No matter how much I bundle up, I still manage to get sick! I saw some people wearing shorts and T-shirts in the rain.


So I am official done with finals (yahoo!) and needed up really proud of myself. The test wasn’t that bad except, the science final which many got C’s or lower on. Either everyone cheated on someone not-so-smart or just rushed so they can play Minecraft. Literally, this is the whispers I heard:

“You pushed me down a hole!”

“Kill yourself to get to spawn.”

“Find my village!”

“Fuck that, Minecraft is boring.”

Last one was said by me. I never did like Minecraft that much.

The Silent Age


Pretty cool game that you could download at the App Store. Although not many of you would like it because you don’t really do that much. Mostly just tapping stuff. It’s like those escape the room games but with more story with it. Really quick and easy so you might be able to finish the game within an hour. The whole game is story but with the music and what’s happening, it doesn’t matter whether you don’t really do much. It’s amazing anyways! In total there are 5 free episodes but after that you have to pay $4.99.





Exercise doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym or run laps. For you lazy folks who think exercise isn’t fun think again. I’m an extremely lazy person that needs to be more fit. And Just Dance 3 is helping me while having fun. So if you wanna have fun while exercise buy these kinds of games and play with your friends!