EXO’s Day by Day Verison

Ugh. Being away from technology for four days was nice but I can’t believe I just found this! So yesterday I decided to go to SMTOWN’s Youtube channel to officially look at SNSD’s comeback when I saw this:

They look so young omgosh. Sometimes, I forget how much they matured. Mentally and physically. Like dang, they used look like innocent children but now they are slaying our heart with sexiness. Except Suho’s  haircut for LMR. Haha, still looks like an innocent child.

When I saw Sehun appear I’d immediately thought of SNSD’s, “Day by Day.”

(All of them were so cute in it! My SNSD feels…*cries*)

It’s so similar but still cute nevertheless! Like Baekhyun was basically doing the same actions as Sunny and Sooyoung. Kai was like Tiffany and Jessica. Lay and Xiumin were like Jessica with the ‘I love you.’ Lay was basically all the girls doing the kissing motion. D.O was doing similar actions as Taeyeon.

Also the song. Watching EXO’s video was my first time listening to “Tender Love”, I have no money to buy the repackage album so I’m glad that it was this song that was in the video.Mannnn, it’s really good! Their voices fit this song so easily! This video was taken during the Wolf Era as you can by their hairstyles. I wonder what Kris, Luhan and Tao were doing in it… I want to ask why Sehun was biting a clock.  I want to eat the cake Xiumin decorated and the coffee Chanyeol made. I want to accept Suho’s love letter and Chen’s proposal. I want to listen with Baekhyun the music he was dancing too. I want to hug D.O and Kai for being so cute and cuddly looking. I want to kiss Lay right back because man, his dimples are there and really, no one can resist.

Every EXO-L’s dream right there.

EXO-“Love Me Right”

If you have been following K-pop and more specifically, EXO, you would have known they have released a new music video called, “Love Me Right”! It’s a Alice in Wonderland theme with Chanyeol as the Cheshire Cat, Sehun as a Card Soldier, Suho as the White Queen, Lay as the White Rabbit, Xiumin as the Mad Hatter, Kai the Queen of Hearts, D.O as Alice and Baekhyun as Absolem, the caterpillar. Haha, I totally wouldn’t have gotten this if I didn’t see pictures about this floating around the internet. Also, there are different interpretations for each EXO members. For example, some interpret Chanyeol as one of the twins with Sehun or some interpret Chen being twins with Xiumin. That list above is what interpret from the MV. I got everyone down except Chen. Maybe he is the White Queen? I don’t even know anymore.

Anyways, here are the MVs and teaser!

Honestly, I had no idea what was happening. Some parts seem kinda rushed like their solo scenes. Also, I was wondering what was going on. Sometimes, music videos don’t really go along with the music or because their concept is different. Their concept is Alice in Wonderland so why is their football jerseys and lockers? I really don’t even know at this point.

The scenes may be a bit random but I do like the actual song. It’s fun and makes me want to dance! This MV also showed me how great Sehun’s and Xiumin’s voices are. Sehun even got a lot of lines in the Korean version which is amazing! Sure, Xiumin did get like one line but, it was a great line that showed potential in his voice. Hopefully, SM would use this potential. Anyways, the song also reminded me how amazing Chen’s and Baekhyun’s voices are! The first lines where Baekhyun sings in the Korean version makes me fangirl so hard. It’s so sweet and smooth sounding. Chen didn’t get as many lines as he usually did, but when he sang his lines, it made me smile so hard. Kyungsoo barely got any lines also even though he is one of the main vocals but I think it’s because this song is more for the rappers which were Chanyeol, Sehun and Lay.

(Chanyeol rapping in Mandarin for the first time in an EXO music video. *dies*)

The dance also fits really well with the song itself. It’s upbeat and energetic which is what the song is.

Also…who forgot to give Lay a shirt?!? Thank you. Really. Thank you. They all seem happy though. I see smiles and smirks especially from Mr. Happy Virus Chanyeol. His smiles! So bright and beautiful.

Ahhhhh, I’m so excited for their repackage album! I haven’t got it or listened to the four new songs! Well, technically three since,”Love Me Right,” is one of them. It sucks that Tao wasn’t able to perform with them for promotions and the new comeback but hopefully he’ll get better! Health is more important!

Must Read Fan-Fictions!

Hilo! I know I haven’t been posting much fan fiction recommendation lately, so here is my favorites!

The stories below are all co-authored by Korekrypta and beta get2herheart which I tell you are all amazing! It’s an EXO member with love interests that is an original character, OC for short. For some of you, it might be weird to read about real people but you have to read this! It’s addicting and totally worth your time!

“Deer Luhan, With Love”

A case of dyed pink hair, an argument with la madre, and a freak encounter with an EXO member in the park after being hit in the head by a plate find Leigh Lee on a plane to Seoul the next day, with little recollection of how she got there and EXO’s maknae intent on calling her hyung. She’s also clutching Luhan’s passport, missing her own, and widely mistaken for the second oldest boy in the group when she doesn’t speak a word of Chinese. And to make matters worse, Luhan’s happily waltzed off to China — without permission and with Leigh’s phone — and expects her to fill in for him without being caught while he tries to hunt down the Mafia.

“It won’t be for long,” he said.

He needed a new dictionary.

Status: On-going 

Current Chapters: 96

This was my very first story that I read from them and I love it. There are so many puns that was well thought out. The irony that Leigh looks exactly like Luhan makes me laugh all the time. Her encounters with the rest of EXO was definitely funny especially of how some of them discovered she was a girl. I like all the letters she wrote in the beginning because it creates curiosity of what’s going to happen.

Next up we have…

“The Blood Brother Code”

“No, seriously, though, what high school student who’s just about to graduate films some blatantly dangerous guys beating somebody to death in a dark alleyway?”

“Oh Semi, apparently.”

Semi’s graduation present was a death threat from the country’s biggest mafia boss and a hasty eviction to the United States. Nine months later, she’s in hospital making a near miraculous recovery from an assassination attempt from said boss, known merely as Luhan, who has been persistent enough to track her all the way across the world — to prevent her from using the evidence she has on her phone, from when she filmed a murder he personally carried out, to get him locked away for good.

Moving cities hasn’t worked. Moving countries hasn’t worked. Nor has changing identities, undergoing plastic surgery, or getting a small cohort of FBI bodyguards. There’s only one possibility left, and even then, Yixing had suggested it as a joke.

“So, Chen, you know that Blood Brother Code thing these mafia people have going?”

“Yes, they do genuinely drink a cup of each other’s blood. I know, it’s gross.”

“I was thinking, what if we marry Oh Semi off to Luhan’s blood brother, Xiumin or Minseok or whatever?”

“What, the gangster we locked up two years ago? Are you joking?”

“Of course.”


“But you know, Jongdae–“

“It’s Chen in the workplace!”

“Apparently family are off-limits in the Blood Brother Code. It would mean Luhan can’t kill her.

Status: Complete 

Chapters: 100

Honestly, I never been so interested in reading an EXO fanfic. I never felt so much sympathy and curiosity for the characters as much as I did for this story. I felt Semi’s  fear for Luhan and her life. It was such an emotional roller coaster for her, Xiumin, and myself. The characters are all so lovable except the evil ones. Lay and Kai in this fanfic are so incredible at their jobs! Especially Lay who is more weird and creepy, haha. Kai being random but awesome when doing his field work.

After, “The Blood Brother Code,” is the squeal…

(Don’t read the description if you want to read TBBC before)

“Blood Sister”

Eight years after the fateful events during which three of South Korea’s biggest crime syndicates were taken down when ex-convict Xiumin betrayed his blood brother for a normal civilian life, Luhan has broken out of jail and he’s on his way to disrupt Minseok and Semi’s peaceful life. To make matters worse, an incredibly important mission of Kai’s has gone wrong in China, meaning that the sole remaining member of Luhan’s arch-nemesis Mighty Mouth is back on the scene to hunt down Luhan’s little sister, and he’s convinced that Minseok and Semi know where she is.

Status: On-going 

Current Chapters: 14

You don’t know how excited I was when I read that there is a squeal. I was literally squealing and jumping up and down screaming, ” THERE IS A SQUEAL! OH MY GOSH, THERE IS GOING TO BE KIDS AND MORE AWESOME LAY.” Haha, that was basically my reaction. I don’t want to spoil so far but the chapters are getting me hooked especially the ending of chapter 12!

Lastly we have…

“On Ebb”

Sehun thinks he’s got his hands full when his best friend, the princess of Exoplanet, has her memories wiped for the seventh time in an attempt to curb her volatile magical powers. But that’s nothing compared to when the palace is attacked by a mysterious cult of people whose symbol is a tattoo of a red eye and the queen’s last request is for him to protect the princess’ favourite half-plant and enroll her into a magical school when he can’t use magic himself and proximity with magic is in danger of triggering Princess Gaia’s powers.

Down Under, in Endoplanet, things aren’t much better. When Xiumin and Chen discover a frozen body in the school grounds, Chen knows this means he’s going to be assigned to the special Guardians and forced to face up to his worst fear: using his lightning powers for violence. But with the army out of the picture, technology all over the land shutting down and the Red Eye tribe on the rampage, there’s little choice. Everybody’s safety rests on three things: the tactical mind of the school’s young boarding director, the timing of the ebb and flow of powers for those able to use magic, and whether or not the Guardians will be able to reunite the two halves of the Tree of Life in time to stop the Red Eye cult from taking over the world.

And whether or not that is possible all relies on a princess of Exoplanet who doesn’t even know they exist.

Status: On-going 

Current Chapters: 7

See? If you read this, this is a good example of why Chen being one of the main characters for a mamaverse is the most wondrous thing ever . Mamaverse is kinda common but this plot line is surely original. I have read stories where the Tree of Life is separated and must gather together again but this fanfic is way different from others. It screams originality. I love original.

You guys have to read this, all of them actually. There are all so very original and thought out. You can see how much effort was put in this. Open your mind a bit and look at the new perspective of the direction towards fan fiction. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Killer Voices and Killer Dances

Hilo guys! It’s that time of week again! Music Friday! Except it’s now Saturday but that’s because when I went home, I just slept. School is tiring! Also, Fridays will be Music Friday instead of K-pop Friday because I might post some other music in other languages too. So first up we have GOT7’s mv, “Stop Stop It”.

I love the chorus! It was my first time watching it a couple of days ago and since I’m a wimpy person,  the beginning freaked me out bit because of the music. I can’t help it though! The music was scary! The choreography, is this song is really cool too and I’m jealous of their ‘high school’. It’s so colorful and nice looking! I wish my future high school would look like that!

Now we have Chen from EXO singing his OST, “Best Luck,” for the drama,” It’s Okay, It’s Love.” Let me say something. Chen is life. His voice will cause many pregnancies, just saying. One of my favorites singers, I especially like this song because it’s just him. It shows all his talent that some people ignore. Go Chen!

We all need some TaeTiSeo in our lives, especially if it’s their ballad,” Baby Steps.” They are all so pretty and amazing singers (especially Taeyeon, I’m just biased), I wish I can be like them. I would do anything for Taeyeon’s  their voices. Haha, trying not to be too biased here. But I really like the harmony between Seohyun and Tiffany! Also, Taeyeon’s high notes just makes me cry every time.

So, that’s all that I have today. I hope you like it!

“Hi, asdfghjkl!”

I wish I could speak every language. Wouldn’t it be cool? To interact with all these different people and laugh at terrible sub titles that didn’t go along at all with the actual show? The reason I brought this up is because of names. See, when I read Korean names on the internet I read them like the American I am. I have no Korean accent whatsoever and so when I want to say their names out loud, I instead describe the person.

“You know the tall one with large ears and is the rapper? Yep he is my current EXO bias.”

“You mean Chanyeol right? Dude, why didn’t you just say his name?”


It’s embarrassing to be a fan of a group and not know how to properly say each and every one of their names!

It like having a friend who you known since diapers but have no clue what their name is. Or not knowing what your own mother’s and father’s name is. It’s something that you need to know and how to pronounce.

“Hi, Christian!”

“My name is Jacob…”

Ah, life difficulties. That actually happened to me. I’ve known this girl for a week since we had the same P.E. period and I couldn’t remember her name. So it ended up being a guessing game where I was for sure her name was Scarlett. It wasn’t. It was Sophia.

But, hey, at least I remember it now, right? Progress.

My point is, parents need to come up with easier universal names. Haha, nah, that’s not it. My actual point is the hardships us fans have to endure when we talk about overseas things.

Fan problems right there.

K-pop Friday?

So, I want to be more into other K-pop groups than my beloved EXO and Girls Generation. And I have. I’ve been listening to all these different songs which I really enjoy and want to share with you guys too. Some are really old or new but amazing. To keep my K-pop category flowing, every friday, I will post a song that has been in my head. (I’ll try to keep it to three videos so it isn’t overwhelming!) Who knows? Maybe that will be your next new artist to fangirl/fanboy about.

B.A.P One Shot, is basically two years old and the storyline still gets to me. This was one of my first B.A.P videos I watched and I always thought that the guy was captured was part of their group. So, I thought this was a six men group but it’s actually five. TS Entertainment trying to fool me- a newbie (It worked but shhh). The dance is really cool especially when they jump and fall foreword.

Yes, it’s BTS new MV! I’m kinda late in watching it because I only watched it today but I can not get over the chorus. I don’t know who sings it but that voice is amazing! The person doing the high notes. Like, dang. Also, I can see how V and Baekhyun is similar. I was like, “Baekhyun you are in the wrong group. Go back to EXO!” I can see why everything was hyped up over them. They are so good!

Since, I put guy groups, here’s some girls! The two MVs above were all dark and gloomy (but extremely cool) and so we need some Rainbow and unicorns in our life. (Ha, see what I did there) Here is Rainbow’s “Tell Me Tell Me”, a cutesy video with pastel colors. Personally, I didn’t like the clothing much but I did appreciate the nice choreography and music. The chorus is my favorite part!

So, yup, this is my first K-pop friday! I hope you enjoy these videos!

Baekhyun- Beautiful

I don’t know why people hate this beautiful amazing guy. He is personality and voice is unique and special that holds so much emotion. This is such an amazing OST that I can’t help but want to scream and fangirl about Baekhyun.

I haven’t watch all of the episodes that are out yet, only two so far, but I think it’s kinda obvious who she is going to pick. *whispers*Chanyeol*whispers* I feel bad for our squishy D.O. The part where Ji Yeon Hee, played be Moon Ga-young, struggle to grab her phone from Chanyeol’s hands made me laugh because I understood her. The pain of being short and not reaching anything.