Ghost of Camp Halfbood

Hilo, hilo! So, I am here to show you this picture that I have created out of boredom.    Tada.

Now, let me explain exactly what this picture is.

It was supposed to be a regular, average girl but I needed to do something about that plain, blank shirt so I colored it orange wrote CHB and now she is a demigod. However, since I couldn’t decide on the skin color and hair, I left it blanked and colored everything else. So, to make a really good excuse of why she is super pale with white hair, let’s just go with ghost. The demigod that was stabbed and became a ghost. The one thing I’m not sure of is whether of not, the ghosts in that world where colorless of not. Haha, question of the day?

I hope you like it!

My Mind


My thoughts can be all in one piece. Everything stored where it needs to be and the most important things never forgotten. That’s the more round side of the photo. Everything else represents the rest of mind, jumbled. Midterms are coming up soon. I hope that round side over there expands or else those test scores aren’t going to be that good!

Guess the initials


Hilo! This is a picture I made, I think a few months ago and I just wanted to show it to you guys. I’m not showing it to brag because, it’s just plain okay compared to some amazing artists out there.

At first it was just a regular sword with an unknown person holding it, then since I was super duper into Fairy Tail(still am, just not as much as I used to be) I added those letters. Never really finished it though, as you can see how boxy and the extra unneeded lines.

Can you guys guess who’s initials are those?

Thank you!

Hilo! Today I’m really happy and its all thanks to you guys! Recently, I just hit around 150 total views and a little bit over 20 followers. To some of you, those are really small numbers. To me, this is really big. I never thought I would go as far as that and I want to thank all of you. This may not be much, but I drew this drawing just for you guys. It’s Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail!

This was my first time using this app called SketchBook. I didn’t like how this version was going so I didn’t continue.

The outline and eyes in the new draft.
I wasn’t sure about the hair color at first but I wanted it to be exactly like Juvia. But now that I think about it, it looks similar.
I know her fur collar is white but I did a light shade of Gray (lol) instead.

Almost done!
Whoop final drawing!
Whoop final drawing!
This is the photo I based it on. I used my iPad and had to double click the home button so many times just so it can look similar. I wanted to do the face expression the same but after I got frustrated in trying to draw the left eye I went with happy, winking face

Heh, it’s not the best drawing you probably ever seen but that’s probably the best drawing I ever drew. Even if it’s on an app.

Once again, thank you everybody for your support!