Merry Christmas!

Hilo everybody! Right now is Christmas eve and I have no words to describe it. I love to spend my Christmas eve listening to my younger brother swearing like a sailor from playing video games. I love to be eating Costco pizza for dinner all by myself because there isn’t anyone in my house besides my brother and I. Do you sense my sarcasm?

Even though, this Christmas eve hasn’t been the most exciting for me, I hope you guys have a fantastic time with your family and friends. Christmas is about spending your time with anyone around you and to make the most of it because you never know what might happen next year. Maybe, you aren’t going to be around next year or maybe you aren’t able to celebrate it. Well, whatever happens, I hope that right now, you have a wonderful Christmas.

My English Narrative

In English, we had to write narrative that I really didn’t want to do. Sure, writing is really fun and cool but to write something like a narrative, in my opinion, you should be given more than a week to write it. Creativity is really easy to find but it’s hard to write down. Hard to write down all you want in there without forgetting any important tidbits and hard to write it down in well formatted sentences, that hopefully makes sense.

Anyways, here’s my final draft of my sloppy narrative.




Christmas Tradition

Jenna hated Christmas. The smiling bright lights, freezing cold snow and especially the supposedly family bonding dinner. Where they are supposed to talk about happy things and what’s being going in their daily lives because her family didn’t have the chance to spend a lot of time with each other. Her father and mother were both businessmen so they were often away in business trips far from their home. However, when they were all together, her parents, two sisters and her, it was the best of time. Instead, throughout the years, dinner was this awkward hour with the clashing of spoons and forks being heard. The food tasting metallic and salty from the well known tears.

This tradition hasn’t been the same since her mother left. 8 years ago, her beloved mom walked out on them after she and her father got into this huge fight. Jenna was only 7 at that time so she doesn’t remember what happen much that day. Only the sound of a slamming door and her father screaming and sobbing.

Jenna knew that she was a burden to the rest of her family. Looking exactly like a younger version of their mother. The straight brown hair with matching brown eyes and smile is exactly the same. So, slowly Jenna isolated herself from her family not wanting them to be the painful reminder of their abandonment.

Touching her tan face, she realized it was wet. Wiping away the tears, she decided to get out of her blue depressed bedroom and get some fresh air. Changing into a dark navy blue coat and jeans, she tied her brown hair and took off.

Things are so different after mother left us, she thought bitterly. The house was so warm and filled with laughter. Now, all the light and happiness that was once there got sucked into a vacuum like something unimportant.

“Three more years and I can finally leave,” she said out load wanting to hear anything from the quiet snowy street. The bright plastic reindeers and snowmans lighting her way through the dark, chilly night. Most of the houses brighten inside, loud laughter and squeals being heard. She rested for a moment touching a cold, wet tree bark.

“Why? Won’t you miss it?” a voice asked behind her.

Spinning quickly, Jenna gasped, “Olivia! Don’t scare me like that!”

Being a natural human being she quickly surveyed her best friend’s outfit. Olivia wore her light blonde hair in a side braid, her clear blue eyes seen clearly without the glasses that the teen usually wore. She wore a dark green coat, black jeans with a pair of black boots. Around her neck, was a necklace that Jenna gave to her a few years back as a token of their friendship.

As always, the blonde smiled, Jenna can see some concern in the blue eyes. “Have you forgotten you’re talking to a ninja?”

Rolling her eyes, she replied,” I’m so sorry Ms. Ninja. Please accept my dearest apologies.”

Olivia nodded in acceptance and changed the subject. “ You never answered my question. Why do you want to leave?”

Turning her head away, Jenna didn’t answer. There are so many reasons why. Sure, there is a wonderful university right by their house but she doesn’t want to stay here longer than she needs to be. Why stay in a broken family like this? Why remember all the painful years spent together trying to adjust without their mother? What’s the point?

Finally, Jenna sighed and responded, “ I need to get away from this seasonal snow.”

She knew that Olivia didn’t believe her pathetic lie but she was glad that her best friend didn’t say anything. It lasted like that a while until Olivia spoke once more.

“Why are you running away? Face the problem itself and help your family members. You are the oldest sibling there and you should be looking out for them, not running away.”

She didn’t want to look at the blonde. Jenna knew how Olivia looks when she becomes confused and angry. Brows would be furrowed and her blue eyes would have this determine spark in it. She knew that Olivia was mad at her, but she had a perfectly good reason.

Finally, after five long minutes, Jenna said, “ What can I do? I’m just this useless person, that no one likes.” There, her inner most thoughts revealed out in the open. She needed to go, run right now. Let all her self anger go by stomping the ground.

One step, two steps, three-

“Do you really believe that?” her best friend asked grabbing Jenna’s arm before she was out of distance.


Then she nodded.

That’s when Olivia exploded, “ Useless? How are you useless? You saved me from those bullies all those years back, don’t you remember?” Then her voice soften,” It doesn’t matter whether everyone will like you or not, because you have me and your family. You aren’t as alone as you think.”

Maybe Olivia was right. Well, maybe only half right. Olivia may be on her side but what about her family? Don’t they wish that instead of looking at a copy image of their mother it would be the real person? Or was she wrong? Maybe…maybe, her family loves her for being Jenna but wish for her to help them and to be less isolated. Has she been reading this whole thing wrong? At that moment, Jenna decided to do the one thing she hasn’t done in a while, try.

Jenna then gave a unsure smile. “Maybe you’re right.”

Without asking the other, they turned back around to their own houses. Opening her door, Jenna looked at her neighbor.

“Thanks for being there.”

“Remember never say never. They never hated you and never will. That’s the great things about true families.” Olivia replied wisely.

Taking that advice into consideration she responded in her usual sarcastic way, “ Number one: You just did say never. But I’ll try to remember that. Number two: Merry Christmas, Olivia.” Entering her house, she saw the rest of her family waiting for her.

Smiling she said, “I’m home.”

Later on as she was happily munching on a piece of pie, she realized that trying can lead to good things or bad. As she gazed around the warm room to her smiling family she knew for sure that this was definitely was a good progress for her wonderful broken family.





Really cheesy but I guess it could have gone worse. Please send me some feedback so in my future essays or writings it could improve more. Thanks!