November 7th

Yesterday will be a day I never forget.

On Saturday, we had a band competition about thirty minutes away from our high school and because we had to go so early, around eight in the morning, I decided to sleep. Who wakes up so early on a Saturday? Not me that’s for sure.

Anyways, a few hours have passed since we arrived at our destination and then around two, one of my friends ask me go to with her to get something in the bus. So like the good friend I am, I went. We sat in the very back of the yellow bus where I was sitting earlier just joking around. Then she grabs this piece of paper from her gray jacket and told me to open it. Suspicious but curious, I did what I was told. Inside there were cheesy pick up lines and a question. A question that I whole heartedly said yes to.

Yesterday, was the day to end my single pringle days. Now, I’m a taken pringle with a cute girlfriend.

One Week Left

I’m counting down the days left in fall break and the amount of homework I haven’t finished. Gosh, I really need to stop procrastinating because of K-pop. I swear K-pop is the reason why I have no sleep.

So, to make sure I actually do stuff, here’s a promise to myself for tomorrow.

  1. Practice field show music because competition is coming up real soon

2. Do at least some homework. English and Biology especially!

3. Contact friends to let them know I’m not dead

Hopefully, I end up fulfilling my promise!

Try it Out!

Band has been one of the many things that I’m happy that I joined. I love the people around and making music. I like that when we play, we create this beautiful sound together. Band is something that I enjoy. However, there is something that I do not enjoy, that’s marching and playing at the same time.

Currently, it’s marching season and its also my first very one too so that means I’m a total noob. Let me tell you something, marching and playing will be one of the toughest things you might ever encounter. You have to memorize how much steps you take to get from one set to another. Your posture must always be perfect and the technique of marching must always be used, if not then that’s not marching, that’s walking. You have to use proper feet in each set. Are you going foreward feet or backward? Also, are you in diagonals or in straight lines?

Finally the worst one: are you playing and marching perfectly? My answer to that? Nope. Not at all. My tone turns all wonky and I lose breath because I have to quickly get to my place so I end up not playing which isn’t good since my trumpet section is featured a lot.

Otherwise, being in band is fun. I met so many people. Some in my grade, others that were upperclassmen that gave me tips for playing and school. You get to experience football games, competitions, and field trips. The latter two hasn’t happened yet, but next month it will!

For you youngsters that are reading this, try out for band! It’ll be one of the greatest moments you’ll have!

Lucky Kcon Fans

For those of you who went to Kcon, you better had the most amazing time of your life. Tons of fans including me would love to go there! Even though I haven’t listen to all the artist’s songs, I still want to go! Meet other fans, get merchandise and scream my voice out. It’s sounds so much fun!

“Devil” by Super Junior was performaned on Saturday! I’m so sad…That song is my jam and I would love to listen to it live, with them in front of me! My heart breaks every time guys.

This post is kind of late since Kcon happened during the weekend but high school has proven to be more time consuming as I thought especially since I’m in marching band. Hopefully, I could post more!

Finally, Weekend is Here!

I totally forgot how tiring school was. Last year, I was always tired because I did my homework late but this year I decided to be a better student. So, I do it during my free period which makes everything so much easier but this week was exhausting. I had to do so much stuff. CCD (religious class), after school band practice, piano practice, homework, school projects, my week was full and busy.

Like, I am a creative person but forcing creativity out is not my style sometimes. We have this whole poem project that for my English class is due a week after received. I have to write different types of poems that must be in total 27-30 points. It’s due on Monday and I only did two so far out of the five I picked. My creative juices will al be squeezed out this weekend for sure.

Man, high school will be super tiring then if I find this difficult especially if I want to be in marching band. The things I do for music…


Here’s a tip if you want to play an instrument. PRACTICE. Some people are musically gifted and can play beautifully but the reason they are so amazing is because they PRACTICE. As most people, I slack off in many things. Exercising, homework and doing things I actually like to do, are just a few examples of me slacking.

I haven’t played my trumpet at all during winter break except two days ago. What did I sound like? A dying whale. I couldn’t even play a middle C, which is the one of the very basic notes you learn at the beginning. It took forever for me to play a good tone quality notes.

Band is a class. A class where people will hear how you sound like and judge. At the end of last semester, I was told to move from beginning to advance band. Sure, I’m excited but now I don’t know about it. I will be, of course, the player that isn’t as good as everyone else. No, I’m not being insecure about it because it’s true. They had much more experience with their instruments than I do. I played the trumpet for only half a school year while they had over a year or even more experience.

Winter break is supposed to be a time for relaxation. Also, a time to do some studying, homework and PRACTICE. At the beginning of winter break, I promised myself to practice more on my beautiful golden trumpet. I should have known that I would slack off.

Unlike, some other schools, I get back next week on Tuesday. That’s two more days to PRACTICE.

I will do it. If I don’t, you can punch me if you want.


Today guys I want to tell you about a problem that I have seen in my band class. It’s been bothering me since the beginning of the school year and right now I’m going to express how I feel.

This school year, I finally decided to join my school’s band. Last year, I was in choir but since it’s only for 7th graders, me being an 8th grader, couldn’t join this year (Hey, I just realized something, I never did tell you me age, did I? Welp, there you go). Anyways, I play the amazing brass instrument, trumpet, and is currently in second chair. Now here’s where the problem starts.

So in my trumpet section there is seven trumpet players in total. I’m not gonna shay their real names but first chair will be called Player A and then I’m Player B and so on. The chair on the left of me is third chair which is taken by Player C. Directly behind Player C is Player F. Since, this is beginning band, we are still learning the notes and how to play better. But I don’t think Player C remembers that.

Let me rant about Player C. This guy always pisses me off and I don’t get angry that easily unless you’re my brothers. Anyway, Player C thinks he is the best at trumpet. He tells me that Player F should quit band because he sucks. Although that may or may not be true, it’s just messed up to say that out loud especially when Player F can hears him.

Not only does Player C complain how bad Player F is, he also isn’t great at sportsmanship. I don’t know if other bands do this at your schools but in my school we do this thing called challenges. A trumpet player can challenge only a trumpet player that is directly above their rank. Example: Player G cannot challenge Player A but Player G can challenge Player F. The challenge is who plays the song best and then the class along with the teacher decides wether they stay or switch. They can challenge each other once a week.

Anyways, the trumpet player directly below is Player D, fourth chair. Player D challenges, Player F about three times. The first time Player D couldn’t make it and the other two times he forgot about it. Today, Player D forgot about the challenge until I reminded them. And boy, did Player C get pissed at me. He told me that he didn’t want to loose his spot so he didn’t say anything about the challenge.

To me, that’s a bit unfair. Okay, the challenger did forget but you can get your spot back anytime.

Also, I hate how Player C acts towards me. When we warm up, he pushes my trumpet down, for a reason I totally forgot. He does this every single class.

Chairism: acting superior than all the lower rank chairs behind you

(Oh, also chairism isn’t actually a real word to describe this situation. Chairism is a real word but I wanted to make up a new word. The ‘ism’ in chairism is like in the words racism and sexism. See? Both racism and sexism are having someone being acting superior than the others. So getting what both have in common the ‘ism’, I stuck it behind chair.)

How to prevent: Speak up

Ugh. I just realized that this whole post was supposedly to be all about chairism and how to stop it. Instead,it’s just a gigantic rant over Player C. Sorry about that, but having to endure this guy for a few months now, I have to let off a bit of steam. I’m also sorry if this was a bit confusing so if you got kinda confused just ask!