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So, a fellow blogger and friend of mine,theanimekpopblogger270,tagged/challenged me in for Love x2015. She also tagged these other bloggers Jedi Doodler and tianathetwin. Check out their blogs too! I don’t have anyone specific to I guess tag or challenge to but if you want to do this, go ahead! Link me if you did because I want to see your answers too! Although, Valentine’s Day already passed, it’s still February which is like ‘show me show love month.’

1. What is love?

To me, love is a strong feeling towards a one or many people that you want to protect and be beside forever.

2. Have you ever been in love?

With food, yes. With people outside my family and friends, no.

3. Do you believe in soul mates?


4. Are you single or taken?

I could be taken if my dinosaur chicken nuggets would say something to me, but I am currently single.

5. Best gift ever received?

My Attack on Titan chibi shirt. AOT FOR LIFE.

6. Favorite love songs?

Too many to name all, but I am currently loving…

Baby Don’t Cry by EXO KBaby Don’t Cry by EXO M

Sogyeokdong by IU (the music video and her voice, I swear, it’s just so good)

It’s about love, so I guess they are love songs?

7. Favorite flowers?

Cherry blossoms

8. Favorite romantic movie?

Hm, I don’t think I have one or I just forgot again.

9. Dream love destination?

Hawaii? I’m not really sure but a place where there is a lot of flowers and nature but still cool arcades or something.

10. Are you still friends with your exes?

My pillow and I still get along well.

11. Describe your exes in movie titles.

Taken. Because my pillow is now taken my bed.

12. Fondest memory with your ex or partner?

Cuddling with it.

13. Describe your ideal date.

As cheesy as it is, a picnic under the stars.

14. Have you ever been on a blind date?


15. Last person you said I Love You to?

My mom.

16. How old was the youngest/oldest person you dated?

I’m not sure how old my pillow is.

17. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?

My pillow and I were pretty close by each other. I never dated anyone other than my pillow so to answer this question. No.

18. Do you believe in astronomical capabilities?


19. Who should pay on the first date? The girl or guy?

Split the bill in half. Duh.

20. How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

I’m going to my cousins party later nothing to big.




My answers are probably the worst answers ever but my answered would be really short with simple yes’ or no’s.

Anime Merchandise

As an obsessive anime fan I am, of course I want to buy some merchandise! My parents, don’t really give me allowance so all I do is dream of stuff I want to collect. Here’s some things I’m planning to buy one day in my life:

My future cuddle buddy

Dango, dango, dango,dango, dango…

I have tons more but those were just some examples.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Well dang, this anime was really good. I mean, really good. But before I go on about my thoughts and everything let me introduce to you what’s it about.


When Edward and Alphonse Elric were kids, their mother passed away. Sadden by her death, they try to bring her back to life but ended up doing a failed human transmutation. During the transmutation, they lost their limbs or in Al’s case, their whole body. In order for them to bring back their body parts, they have to use the legendary Philosopher’s Stone.

More Info:

-50 episodes

-written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa


Three words I can best describe it is, heartbreaking, mess-up and badass.

Heartbreaking: This will pull at your heart strings. They will give you the most amazing characters and then just kill them. Why do this to my emotions?!?

Mess-up: The things in this anime is just plain wrong. It’s gore and the way some character’s die is just freakin bloody. Weirdly, that makes me like this anime more.

Badass: Amazing fight scenes! It combines alchemy with the regular one-two, BAM. It’s nice to see that Ed doesn’t always win. I personally don’t like it when the main protagonist always wins in a fight. That just makes that character too strong and hard to believe.

Worthy Character Mentions:

Let’s start with Ed. I like how short he is because I notice that sometimes the hero is really tall. It’s nice to see a change.

This is why we drink out milk Ed

Although, many people don’t like Al, he is personally one of my favorites. In some part of the season, he becomes uncertain of who he is. Is he human? Does his metal suit of armor, make him human? Just because his soul is in it? The whole identity crisis is something that I like to see because it’s something that many of us has to face.

Now let’s talk about the Flame Alchemist, aka Roy Mustang. I thought that he would be a serious character like Levi from Attack on Titan. He can be serious, but there is times, when is funny.

I have so many other characters that I want to talk about but then this post would be really long. Before I finish this up I just wanna say one more thing:

Royai(Roy and Hawkeye) should have happened! 

Whoops, I lied. I forgot to put down the first opening. Well here it is:

“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world’s one and only truth.”

Anime Music

I am a huge fan of anime music. HUGE. When I hear the openings and ending I try to sing it in my best Japanese I could. Months ago I discovered an two amazing pianists who plays anime music. He is known as ~ishter-kun~ and he covered many anime songs from Psycho Pass, Anohana, Angel Beats, Clannad, Attack on Titan, SAO, 5 Centimeters per Second and many more.

Also, there is another amazing anime pianist known as Animez who has covered No Game No Life, Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan, Angels Beats, Code Geass, Guilty Crown, Mirai Nikki and many more.

Here’s a duet of ishter and Animez!

Check out their channels!

ishter’s Channel

Animez’s Channel

Late October Fan Fiction Recommendation

Hilo everyone! I totally forgot go do to this last month so let’s just pretend it’s October. Think Octobery stuff like (depending on where you live) Halloween, candy, costumes and all that stuff. Do you feel the October vibe? I hope so.

First recommendation I have for you is a fanfic about the summer anime Free!

“I Don’t Know Why I Got Married” by GeoFount

[Gou x Mikoshiba] When the Iwatobi Swim team goes to another country for a summer program, Gou thinks this might be the chance they need to earn some money and help her brother be his old self again. What she didn’t plan on is waking up one morning after a night of really stupid drunken partying to find herself married to the Captain of the Samezuka swim team.

Rated M (When I began to read it, it was Rated T but I guess the way the story was leading up to, it started going to the Rated M area. So, PLEASE DON’T READ IF YOU WANT TO STILL BE INNOCENT)

Status: Not completed


Check it out here!

Currently 26 chapters almost 200,00 words. I really, really do love this fic because it develops more character development in Gou and Mikoshiba that we don’t see in the anime. I like how the sudden marriage to each other gets Gou to show her feelings. Gou always paid attention to her older brother, that’s even the reason why she became manager. It’s nice to see her showing more romance love than sibling bonding love.

Next up we have an Attack on Titan fanfic!

“A Ring for a Scarf” by celticvampriss

“Jean glanced behind him, red fabric drifting away from Sasha’s open fingers. It fluttered like a leaf, floating until the wind caught it and blew it away, toward the break in the trees up ahead.” It all started when Mikasa lost her scarf. Jeankasa. Rated for swearing (f*bombs.) Action heavy in the beginning. (Slightly AU) COMPLETED

Rated T

Status: Completed 


Click this link to read it!

From the very beginning of Attack on Titan, I have shipped Jean and Mikasa together. That one moment of Jean complimenting her hair made me ship them so hard to fangirl over them. In this fan fic, I like how celticvampriss show how Mikasa feels for both Jean and Eren. How much she loved Eren but Eren didn’t give her much attention, romance wise. Then comes Jean who finally expresses how he feels. My second favorite pairing out of the whole series, Petra and Levi, of course, being my first 🙂 !

Anddd, that’s all the October fanfics I want to recommend to you guys! Hope you guys enjoy those them!

My (very long) Anime List

Bold, Italic words means it’s later added. Crossed out, means that anime no longer fits in that list.

Last updated: 7/2/15



Attack on Titan

Ouran Host High School Club

Kaichou wa Maid Sama

Angel Beats!

Sword Art Online (season 1)

Tokyo Ghoul


Gokukoku no Brynhildr

5 Centimeters per Second

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa


AnoHana the Movie

Tokyo Ghoul Root A

Currently Watching:

Special A


Fullmetal Alchemist (episode 3 and started this a long time ago, but I want to finish it!)

 Fairy Tail (still technically on the Galuna Arc but I will talk about this in an future post)

Bleach (first anime I watched, still on episode 80 😦 )

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 

Most Likely Will Never Finish:

Irregular at Magic High School

Special A


Fairy Tail

Want to Watch:

Black Butler

Death Note

One Piece

Soul Eater

Kill la Kill

Psycho Pass


Golden Time

Sword Art Online(season 2) 

Fate/Stay Night

Code Geass

Elfen Lied

Guilty Crown

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi


Pandora Hearts


Corpse Party


Blue Exorcist



You Lie In Apirl

There is mostly likely more animes on the Want to Watch list but there is so many I can’t remember! I also have a feeling that I forgot to put down some animes on Watched list… hm. Also, ask away if you are confused because I just realized how confusing this might be.