Don’t Give Me That Look Edward

I feel so bad right now. I haven’t watch anime in weeks and I’m still in the 20-30 episode area of FMAB.I am sorry to disappoint you Edward.


Don’t give me that look Ed. I promise one day, one day I will finish this anime of your life story. But don’t worry, I know you end up with Winry.


A New Year

In just two days, will be 2015. TWO DAYS. In two days, a whole new year of surprises and the unknown will happen. I’m pretty excited but also heartbroken. My memories of 2014 will eventually fade away as I enter a new year and I really love what happen this year.

Many things happen this year, that were eventful and dull. I performed many times in front of crowds, finished another school year and started a new one. Made and lost so many friends, and just did my daily life of eating, school and sleep. I also discovered many new obsessions like Kpop and anime that took up most of my sleeping time.

I love what happened this year and I’m sorry that it’s coming to an end. It literally felt like it was January just a few days ago. Time flies by quick. Too quickly for my taste.

Anyways, 2014 is coming to an end and 2015 is right around the corner! I hope to see you guys soon in the blogging world next year. Happy New Year!


When I have an obsession, it literally takes over my mind and body. I spend hours and hours listening and watching interviews, music, and reading about my obsessions. In my, not very many, years of life, I had many obsessions over the years. One Direction, Percy Jackson, Girls’ Generation, EXO, anime, just to name a few. Although, some of these obsessions are still very current (EXO fighting!), I am tired of being way too passionate about it! My brain can’t focus on what I need to do because of these obsessions. If winter break wasn’t happening right now, I’m pretty sure that I would fail at school. Here are a few examples of my brain during some of my classes.

90 then is divided by 6, add 14-


wait, what was I solving again?

Sally felt this way because the author-

why did Maes have to die?!?

…the author said so?

Keep dribbling, then pass the ball to-

someone call the doctor (hums tune)…OVERDOSE

when did the other team get the ball?!?

Okay, that’s a bit of a exaggerating but somewhat true. I try to pay attention in class but my wandering mind just keeps me distracted.

Now that I think of it, I should be thankful. If my brain wasn’t so distracted in class, I would have fallen asleep so many times. So I guess I dedicate this post to my overly distracted brain. Thank you brain, for helping me not sleep.

Anime Merchandise

As an obsessive anime fan I am, of course I want to buy some merchandise! My parents, don’t really give me allowance so all I do is dream of stuff I want to collect. Here’s some things I’m planning to buy one day in my life:

My future cuddle buddy

Dango, dango, dango,dango, dango…

I have tons more but those were just some examples.

AnoHana the Movie

This movie was basically a summary of the rest of the Super Peace Busters feelings and what happen during the entire show. It’s nice to see them still together, even after Menma officially left. The letter scene still got me crying! I also like Anaru with her new outfit and her hair down. She should have worn it like that during the anime!

AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Ticket for the feels train?

You know how to tell if an anime was good? If you felt the emotions that the character’s experience. If you felt their happiness, love and sadness. I felt all that when I watched this anime. I felt their happiness when they were together, their love for one another, and their sadness for themselves and mostly for Menma.


10 years ago, one of the members of the Super Peace Busters named Menma, died in an accident. Afterwards, they slowly drifted apart as life went on. One summer day, Jintan saw the ghost of Menma and agrees to fulfill her wish. In order to do that, he needed to gather the rest of their group to do help. Along the way, they remember memories of the past and struggles of the present.

Let’s meet the characters!

Jinta Yadomi aka Jintan
Meiko Honma aka Menma
Naruko Anjō aka Anaru
Atsumu Matsuyuki aka Yukiatsu
Chiriko Tsurumi aka Tsuruko
Tetsudō Hisakawa aka Poppo

In the beginning, it was really slow and a bit confusing. Then when it hit the middle, it was getting progressively sad and when I finally finished it, I was crying. Clannad and Angel Beats were heartbreaking also but it didn’t actually make me cry. There were no tears running down my face, unlike Anohana. It builds up all the emotions, so you can let it all out in the end. The best 11 episodes of my life.



Although it was super depressing to watch, there were one thing that I did find quite creepy. In the end, we find out that Yukiatsu really did love and still does love, Menma. There is nothing bad of loving someone, it just depends of how extreme you are of it. Dressing up as Menma, who is already dead, and even having a wig is just beyond creepy. Stroking, caressing and smelling the wig, is just disturbing. I also felt really bad for Satoshi. Satoshi is the younger brother of Menma and was little when she died. After, the accident, his mother began to neglect him because she was too depressed over her daughter. It must have been terrible to live in a household like that because he wasn’t treated as well as he could have been.

The ending was just too much. With the hide and seek and the letters…my emotions can’t handle it. I’m even tearing up just by typing and thinking about it!

“You found me.”