BTS is Coming Back!

It’s October! That means BTS is going to have another comeback this year! I’m honestly so excited for it especially after the videos they uploaded on YouTube! I need u girl? More like, I need answers now. Haha, there’s so many theories in the comments section! This month will be a blast for ARMYs and kpop fans in general!

The video below is BTS’s “I Need U,” the original version, please don’t watch if you can’t handle blood and all that jazz.

Taeyeon- “I”

A little late, but here is our OST queen! Finally making her solo debut with a powerful and beautiful song titled, “I”.

I absolutely love this song! Everything about her title song and the album was just amazing! She also looked so happy in the MV and during music performances, which makes me happy as well.

So far besides “I” I like “U R” and “Stress”. What was some of your favorites? Our amazing leader has done so well with her solo debut! Let’s all support her till the end! Fighting Taeyeon!


Amber, can I have your voice? I don’t really know f(x) that well but I have listened to some of their songs and Amber’s solo music like, “Shake That Brass” and this song that I really want to talk about right now.

Man, I love how soft her voice can be and then she just raps that fits perfectly in this song. Since I don’t know much about f(x) and their personalities I can’t say much about them but I have seen a lot of videos on Amber and I can say that she is pretty cool! It’s cool that she doesn’t dress girly and does what she wants. Totally going to learn more about f(x) after this!

Taeyeon’s Solo is Coming Soon!

It’s so close and I’m super excited! OST queen Taeyeon will be finally having her solo time! Next week, we will finally get to listen to her beautiful voice singing powerfully and emotionally. This teaser that SM released on their Youtube channel got me all hyped up! I can’t wait for, “I”.


Seventeen, just stop okay? Stop being so adorable and cute. Stop being so amazing with your talents of singing, dancing and rapping. Stop making me fangirl all night to watch you guys on Youtube.

Seventeen stop ruining my life. Especially you Hoshi. You all need to stop being so you.

(Haha, please don’t stop, I love you guys way to much already.)

Slipping Into the Diamond Life

Slowly, but surely, I’m slipping into the diamond life and loving it. When they debuted with their song, “Adore U,” I loved it but I didn’t go and try to get to know each person. Now that has changed. Today, I watched two episodes of Project 17 and I can’t but love how hardworking they are.

So right now, I want to share my love for these 13 guys to you!

First off, let’s start off with one of their pre-debut songs, “Shining Diamond,” that is simply amazing.

Here’s their debut music video, “Adore U” that made them official rookies!

Also, Make sure to listen to their new comeback titled, “Mansae”

These songs give me life and happiness, no joke. I love that they create their own songs and choreography which gains my respect and appreciation towards them. Also, I love how energetic their songs are because it makes me want to attempt their moves too. Key word: attempt.

Also, recently I have been watching their show Project 17 and at episode 4 and already teared up. Like dang, wasn’t expecting it to be emotional and attack my heartu! (haha, any Armys out there?) I didn’t even get to finish BTS’s Rookie King because they distracted me! I hope I can use my fall break trying to finish all these shows and anime!

Slowly slipping into the diamond life and now I realize, there’s no escape.