Lose Weight

I’m not telling you this for the sake of appearance because guess what, you, yes you is beautiful. Inside and out. Beautiful with your imperfections and flaws because that what makes you you.

I’m not here to tell you to lose weight because you look terrible, when actually you’re gorgeous. I’m telling you to lose weight for your own sake. For your health. Being overweight means that you are more likely to have sickness in the future or even now. Losing weight and becoming the right weight for your own age and body is the right thing to do for yourself so you can live a longer, happier, easier life.

Lose weight for your health and not your appearance because you are beautiful no matter what. Remember that.

It’s The Middle of 2015!

Today is a really important day for me. Today is exactly the middle of the year! I have been planning to post to this for months because I notice that I have a lot to say to all different people but I forget to and can’t. So to make up for that, this post is created!

Happy birthday to my favorite kpop groups and idols!

Happy birthday to my favorite fiction characters! Meaning every single Percy Jackson character! Jason’s was yesterday!

Happy birthday to my anime baes. Makoto and Armin, this one goes out for you~

Now I’m going to greet some actual people I know. Birthday greetings to my family and friends! I love you.

This post was a lot shorter than I imagine but I’m happy I got this off my chest. I forget birthdays really easily. 2015 is half way over! Make the rest of the year special with happy memories!


In just a few years, I’m going to be an adult. That terrifies me. I will have to make life decisions that will affect my whole future. I’m going to meet all kinds of new people that I may or may not like. Eventually, I will separate from my friends and family as we part ways and go around the world. Like I said, terrifying.

Some people, think that’s its exciting and feels like a whole new adventure. Really? Going to the real world, all alone, is an adventure? To me, that sounds like trap full of unknown surprises that can be both good or bad. I don’t like bad surprises but how am I supposed to know to avoid it? Sometimes, bad things happen that we never want to experience. And I never want to experience that, but is our life really that simple? Unfortunately, no.

This adventure to some of you is like a mouse trap to me. There’s an unexpecting and inexperience¬†mouse that might be caught and hurt during the process of exploring the new sights and sounds. Why should I go through that pain?

Growing up, is one of the most questioning times I had and still am having. My mind is full of so many questions that just can’t be answer. I wish that life would just give me all the answers to this life long test.

A New Year

In just two days, will be 2015. TWO DAYS. In two days, a whole new year of surprises and the unknown will happen. I’m pretty excited but also heartbroken. My memories of 2014 will eventually fade away as I enter a new year and I really love what happen this year.

Many things happen this year, that were eventful and dull. I performed many times in front of crowds, finished another school year and started a new one. Made and lost so many friends, and just did my daily life of eating, school and sleep. I also discovered many new obsessions like Kpop and anime that took up most of my sleeping time.

I love what happened this year and I’m sorry that it’s coming to an end. It literally felt like it was January just a few days ago. Time flies by quick. Too quickly for my taste.

Anyways, 2014 is coming to an end and 2015 is right around the corner! I hope to see you guys soon in the blogging world next year. Happy New Year!



Somewhere inside of every single one of us is a kid inside. Maybe it’s shown of what’s in your room, walls or personality. Or maybe it’s never shown at all instead, trying to act more mature and adult like. Don’t try to act or be an age you aren’t. Be happy of your age and that you get to live this long.