A Whole New Fandom

Today, I officially entered a whole new fandom. After watching the entire reality tv season (12 episodes) and listening to one of their albums, I have officially deemed myself as a EXO-L!



EXO is a Korean-Chinese boy band that is produced by SM Entertainment. Amazing guys and amazing music. Check it out:

My bias is Luhan who left along with Kris. Ahhh, we will forever miss you guys! EXO fighting!

Tokyo Ghoul

Hilo everyone! Right now, I don’t really know how to feel. I just watched and finish the anime, Tokyo Ghoul and I’m at lost for words. THAT ENDING!!!! ­čś»


Before I go on about the ending, let’s take it back a notch. Originally it was a magna in 2011, later it adapted to an anime in July of this year. Tokyo Ghoul is about a kind teen named┬áKen Kaneki that was born human but later turned into a ghoul after having surgery and having to replace his severely damaged organs with a ghoul named┬áRize Kamishiro. After the operation, he develops qualities of ghouls. Being half-ghoul and half-human he gained something he dislike and never wanted, hunger of human flesh. In this world, ghouls eat humans to fully satisfied their hunger. However, not all ghouls like to eat humans.


The anime gives a new perspective of how we look in life. Showing us, how the hated feel and how they try to act against it.┬áThis 12 episode anime is a horror and dark vibe to it. There were many gore scenes but some of it was covered by light or a shadow (actually, I’m not sure but depending what website you use it might be uncensored). It also has cannibalism parts to it.


Tokyo Ghoul is the very first dark anime I ever watched and it left quite an impression to me. Good, not bad. At first, I found it kinda weird for no particular reason but after the second episode I was hooked. It’s different from something I usually watched and I like that.

Now, I think I covered the basics and I really, really, REALLY, want to talk about the ending. The ending to me was just…I don’t even know how to describe it! I won’t get in much detail but I just feel so sorry for Kaneki. ­čśŽ

The opening with the ending! Just made me go crazy and as I read the English lyrics, I finally understood what it meant.

I heard that the anime wasn’t as good as the magna, so one day I’m gonna check that out! I don’t really read magna though. Always wanted to, always forgot.

Sadly, season 1 did leave a cliffhanger but luckily they’re making a season 2, coming out in January! So excited!