Is it More?

How do you know if you like someone?

The last time I liked someone was a boy back in the 5th grade. Whenever I was around him, I would blush like crazy, avoid his eyes and stutter. I acted like those stereotypical school girls and whenever I look back to those times, I’m embarrassed by actions.

Now, I’m in high school and I’m utterly confused. Here’s the thing, I know that a girl likes me. Me. As in a giant potato who loves hugs and can get super loud when hyper. Its kinda funny how she thinks I don’t know. She sits in a group a few feet behind me. I can hear her talking about me with her partner for math. When they do, it makes me smile though. Its cute. The thing is, I think she’s going to confess to me later today. I never received a confession before and never confessed to anyone, so I’m not really sure how it exactly works out but I do have a major problem, do I like her back?

I don’t blush and stutter like crazy when I’m around her. Maybe it’s because I read too many books and fanfiction, but should I feel like a lovesick fool they describe? Should I my heart beat super fast and my breaths become shorter when I see her? I don’t think I ever experienced that with her. Sometimes though, I would always look for her when I know she’s around. We do a lot of skinship like hugging, holding hands and touching each other’s hair so I don’t really know if that is consider romance. Is it?

Do I like her as a close friend? A girlfriend? Argh! I hope she doesn’t confess tonight at the homecoming football game because I really do need to sort myself out.


One thought on “Is it More?

  1. Sounds to me as though you enjoy her company, what’s wrong with you? Nothing as far as I can tell, if you like someone it doesn’t have to be blushing and stuttering. Hope this helps but let me know if I’ve got it wrong.

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