Slipping Into the Diamond Life

Slowly, but surely, I’m slipping into the diamond life and loving it. When they debuted with their song, “Adore U,” I loved it but I didn’t go and try to get to know each person. Now that has changed. Today, I watched two episodes of Project 17 and I can’t but love how hardworking they are.

So right now, I want to share my love for these 13 guys to you!

First off, let’s start off with one of their pre-debut songs, “Shining Diamond,” that is simply amazing.

Here’s their debut music video, “Adore U” that made them official rookies!

Also, Make sure to listen to their new comeback titled, “Mansae”

These songs give me life and happiness, no joke. I love that they create their own songs and choreography which gains my respect and appreciation towards them. Also, I love how energetic their songs are because it makes me want to attempt their moves too. Key word: attempt.

Also, recently I have been watching their show Project 17 and at episode 4 and already teared up. Like dang, wasn’t expecting it to be emotional and attack my heartu! (haha, any Armys out there?) I didn’t even get to finish BTS’s Rookie King because they distracted me! I hope I can use my fall break trying to finish all these shows and anime!

Slowly slipping into the diamond life and now I realize, there’s no escape.


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