Online Diary

This blog means a lot to mean. Sure, I don’t post frequently and when I do, my words are jumbled and awkward sounding but I do care for this blog immensely.

I like the feel of the keyboard under my fingertips. Every push creates another word that expresses my thoughts that I want to share. I like that doing this doesn’t create a mess that erasers and pencils create. It’s also nice to express my thoughts and views to people. Sure, not many see this, but I want to put my two cents out there you know?

One day, a close friend of mine asked me,”Why do you want to show this to strangers but not me?”

Its different somehow. I like that people online don’t know who I can truly be and who I am. To me, people in real life are so much crueler than online. With a single click, you can ignore someone’s comment that you didn’t particularly like. If that happens in real life, that moment remains forever. It’s stuck in your head for what seems like forever and it can ruin so many amazing things like friendship. Online, it feels so much safer. You don’t know them. Sure, maybe you talked and all but it’s different in real life. They can pretend who they aren’t. Become more confident, depressed, happy, anything really.

Yes, she is a close friend but I am a pretty shelled person. I don’t like to talk about my feelings with others. It makes me feel awkward and I feel like I’m forcing others to help me. I’m happy to help but please, helping me will be something you might regret. I can be angry, resentful, mean, annoying and all the negative things in life, so why waste your time on me? I know the flaws I have, so there really isn’t a point to try to help me in the things I know about already.

Blogging makes me open up to myself. It makes me realize everything I have done. All my achievements and downfalls, the good and bad moments. Blogging helps me overcome emotions and write what I feel. There are posts when I don’t feel the greatest at that moment and when I look back at that, I smile and think,”I surpass that.” Sure, many not-so-great moments will happen in the future, but when I will blog about it, I’ll look back in the future and hopefully think, “Challenge, passed.”

One Week Left

I’m counting down the days left in fall break and the amount of homework I haven’t finished. Gosh, I really need to stop procrastinating because of K-pop. I swear K-pop is the reason why I have no sleep.

So, to make sure I actually do stuff, here’s a promise to myself for tomorrow.

  1. Practice field show music because competition is coming up real soon

2. Do at least some homework. English and Biology especially!

3. Contact friends to let them know I’m not dead

Hopefully, I end up fulfilling my promise!


Seventeen, just stop okay? Stop being so adorable and cute. Stop being so amazing with your talents of singing, dancing and rapping. Stop making me fangirl all night to watch you guys on Youtube.

Seventeen stop ruining my life. Especially you Hoshi. You all need to stop being so you.

(Haha, please don’t stop, I love you guys way to much already.)

We are all Humans

Honestly, I don’t understand. Why do you hate of them? Because they like the same gender? Because they felt like they weren’t born as the right gender?

In high school, I experienced so much more than in middle. Middle school was like a passageway that led to the actual room. Over here, I met and befriended many people. Gays, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals, people who prefer specific pronouns like him, her or them. I just don’t see the problem and fuss over them. So what? Why should I care who they love? They’re humans who deserved respect like everybody else. They shouldn’t be shamed over and hated on.

I support them. I support you.

Whoever you are reading this, even if this doesn’t involve you, remember: love yourself and love others around you because they need your support too.

Slipping Into the Diamond Life

Slowly, but surely, I’m slipping into the diamond life and loving it. When they debuted with their song, “Adore U,” I loved it but I didn’t go and try to get to know each person. Now that has changed. Today, I watched two episodes of Project 17 and I can’t but love how hardworking they are.

So right now, I want to share my love for these 13 guys to you!

First off, let’s start off with one of their pre-debut songs, “Shining Diamond,” that is simply amazing.

Here’s their debut music video, “Adore U” that made them official rookies!

Also, Make sure to listen to their new comeback titled, “Mansae”

These songs give me life and happiness, no joke. I love that they create their own songs and choreography which gains my respect and appreciation towards them. Also, I love how energetic their songs are because it makes me want to attempt their moves too. Key word: attempt.

Also, recently I have been watching their show Project 17 and at episode 4 and already teared up. Like dang, wasn’t expecting it to be emotional and attack my heartu! (haha, any Armys out there?) I didn’t even get to finish BTS’s Rookie King because they distracted me! I hope I can use my fall break trying to finish all these shows and anime!

Slowly slipping into the diamond life and now I realize, there’s no escape.

Fall Break

Finally. The time is finally here. Fall break. I’m so happy that its fall break right now because that means sleep. I desperately need that since all I have been sleeping super late because of homework and band. Ew homework. Its a great help to remember information and do work but it can be quite a nuisance.

Feeling sleeping so I gotta do what I must do.

Goodnight ya’ll!

One Year of Blogging

I haven’t realized what today was until I logged onto WordPress. Today, is exactly the day I started this blog.

Hilo Randoms has gone a long way. I haven’t expected to get many followers and just gaining a few every month made me happy. So I’m proud that I have 108 followers. Many of you guys have over that with a smaller amount of time to gain them but I’m proud.

I know that I haven’t been the greatest person to my blog. Sometimes, I wouldn’t update for a week or more but for my second year on WordPress I hope to create many new posts in the future. Even if it’s something small or large, that is my goal and I hope to achieve it.

Let’s spend many years together!