Super Junior-“Devil”

As soon as the MV was released, I watched it and was,still is actually, loving it! The music is catchy and the dance is super enjoyable!

I prefer to see the performance because I really like the moves, its looks fun! Also, the performance video helps me match faces and voices together. This comeback is just so amazing and I can’t wait to see more in the future!

Unfortunately the 6 million views was not reached for the MV because of YouTube. In comments I read, people stated that the views were weridly decreasing which really sucks! ELFs and other fandoms who like this song are trying their best to raise the views so Super Junior can be nominated for next week! They deserve it, I mean look at the choreography and hear the song! This comeback needs some awards!

I’m sorry that it didn’t get up to 6m but let’s keep supporting Super Junior!

Welcome to my World

My parents can be just ugh. They are literally too much to handle if you can’t stand being in a protective bubble. I just want to pop that bubble and explore the outside world. But I can’t. Because this protective bubble is too strong and will never listen to what I say.

Just a few minutes ago, I was told to get the mail by my papa. So I did but was being watched by my little brother, who’s a year younger, because my papa told him to. I don’t understand. Is it because I’m a girl? Does that make me automatically weak? Does that make me a prey to the bad guys already?

Girls have strength. Girls can fight back. We can stand up for ourselves and know what to do in sticky situations just like the guys. So why do we always get underestimated? Why are we always the damsel in distress? Why aren’t we the shining knights in armor saving our lover.

Girls are just as equal to boys.

Can’t they see that?

BTS is Taking Over Me

Lately I have been obsessed with the k-pop boyband,Ā Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts. I never knew why I didn’t listen to them before, their amazing! Their choreography which is super amazing and hard to do and their voices is just so beautiful! I haven’t picked a bias yet since I haven’t watch much of them in interviews and shows. By the way, if you know a show that they star on similar to EXO Showtime can you tell me? I really want to learn more about them!

To showcase their coolness in dancing here is three dance practices of them working hard!

Starting with their debut song, “No More Dream.”

Here’s “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2”

Now take a look at “N.O”

I heard a lot of songs from BTS. All of them were good (although I haven’t listen to all their albums yet) but I do have some personal favorites.

“Just One Day”

V’s voice always surprises me with his deep voice. He doesn’t look like a person with a deep voice, even if he forces it. Suga made me fall more in love him. His rap part is just ughhh.


I know it only has four members instead of the whole seven but it’s still really nice! I like the dance and the song itself it’s really cute. The high note O.O

“For You”

This dance is so on point with the music, no joke. With its smooth and graceful moves at the end and beginning but hip hop style dancing in the rest, that was what it made me really like the dance and song.

“I Need U”

Stunning. That’s all I have to say.


RapMonster always makes my heart explode at the beginning with his dimple. All of them were so cute! How do you even choose a bias?!? Anyways, I really like how catchy, danceable and fun this song and choreo is, even if the moves are hard.

What draws me to BTS is everything really. I love how all of them can dance and sing. I love how adorable they are. I love their music and how powerful they can be. I love everything and everyone. I can’t wait to become a full A.R.M.Y.

Also, I’m sorry that there was so much videos, I just had to let out my BTS feels!