SNSD-“Catch Me If You Can” OT9

Omgosh. Omgoodness. OT9 ALL TOGETHER IN “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.” It’s beautiful… *sobs* Today I was just scrolling through Instagram when I found out that someone leaked the mv with Jessica in it!

This is obviously not fake. You can see many differences between this and the official. One of those points is Jessica is really there and you can hear her voice. Also, because she was there in the original that means that the lyric distribution is different from the official. Hyoyeon’s hair and Yuri’s also different colors. Some of their hairstyles are also different.

Yes, it does sound complete with Jessica. It feels whole. However the music video itself wasn’t as great as the official. Personally, I found the panning in the official much more appealing and interesting angles and camera movement than the OT9 one. Maybe the OT9 was not fully done but I still stick with that opinion.

It sucks that the leaked OT9 version isn’t complete (as of now maybe). I want to see the difference in choreography and vocal distributions.

Now, before we all once again cry about Jessica I have a great video to show you to lighten up your depressing SNSD feels.

I have never loved Super Junior as I do right now. This video makes me want to enter into their fandom and become an ELF. I felt like crying over how funny this was. They looked lie their were truly having fun and that made this video even more better. According to some Youtube comments (because I can’t tell them apart yet) they are:

Kyuhyun is Sooyoung

Eunhyuk is Hyoyeon

Leeteuk is Taeyeon

Sungmin is Sunny

Kangin is Tiffany

Donghae is Yoona

Ryeowook is Seohyun

Siwon is Yuri

Heechul is Jessica

This is far the most amazing Super Junior video I ever watched. Haha, Heesica!

One Week Later…Or Never


“Hi! You wanna go to the movies?” -Mr.Pancake


“Oh hey…uh what time you want to go?” -the most coolest person in the world, me

” -.- ” -Mr.Pancake

This is basically a real life conversation that I have with my friends and family members. I just don’t think that constantly texting is my thing. I’m more of a face-to-face person type of person. So texting back has been a hard thing to do. Also because I’m lazy.

I literally see the message when its received through my phone but I don’t reply. I just don’t. Although, I do have a good excuse for some occasions. Sometimes, I’m eating or working out at that time. Or sleeping because some of my friends text really late at night. But sure, I can always text back later. However by the time I done with whatever I was doing, I forgot to text back.

So in the end I know what I must do.

Number 1: Remember to text

Number 2: Not be lazy

Number: Connect with real people instead of fangirling, I could just fangirl with them

Lessons I learned, hopefully lessons that I will use in the future.

Scrabble- The Hardest Game Ever

Honestly, my mind literally goes blank when I play this game. I couldn’t think of words that would fit in the spaces that would go along the game rules! About a week ago, *cue music* I played Scrabble with my grandma. We both have advantages from each other. English is my first language when her’s is not, however, she has been a teacher and alive for years. So who do you think would win? Not me. Definitely not me. She crushed me! I had about 140 points while she had 225! That’s almost 100 points off. 100. 1 0 0. I have plenty of excuses why I lost though.

1) The good letters with more points, I couldn’t get it into the colored squares!

2) I had great and longer words but no area to put it in. None. There was no words on the board that would allow the words I want to put!

3) I got Z. I was so angry when I got Z! When I’d finally made a word with my Z, I got two V’s! Two V’s. What am I supposed to do with those letters! The only word I could think of was van. Only van and nothing else.

Then a few days ago, I lost again! By three points! THREE POINTS. My grandma is a scramble mastermind. A brilliant wizard in the intense and tiring game of scrabble. One day, one day…I will get my revenge and win!

Summer Goals

This summer, I actually have goals. My past summer vacations has been filled with laziness and boredom so this summer, I’m actually going to do stuff!

1) Loose weight

2) Create a really nice artwork

3) Finish FMAB, Pinocchio, and EXO Next Door

4) Start and complete other anime and k-dramas

5) Practice the piano more often

Looks like I got a lot of stuff to do this summer! Looks like I’m going to be pretty busy! Don’t worry though! I’ll make time to post!

Hopefully, by the end of summer, these five goals will be completed!

Thank you, Kim Taeyeon

Today…was not a really great day for me. Family issues are really emotionally draining, especially if it’s at four in the morning. Too early. So, to get in the spirit of today being Saturday, I decided to play Taeyeon’s, from SNSD, OSTs and solo songs.

Her voice is really amazing! It can be powerful but it also can be soft and she always has emotion in it. You can see it in her face expressions and hear it in her voice. I wished I could sing like Taeyeon! She made me really happy. To hear such amazingness just made the rest of my day better. Kim Taeyeon, you are such a sweet, kind person. Please stay happy.

Which song did you like?


Who knew that not cooking rice before lunch would cause family issues? Issues that would last until the entire day because one of them, was being very unfair.

Rice should cook itself, then the harsh opinions would have been locked inside.

Where There are People, There are Habits

People come and go. As they do, they bring so much stuff with them. Souvenirs, trends, memories, and what I’m going to go on and on about, habits.

Everyone has a habit. It could be something small and temporary, like saying the same response.

Example #1

“Can you pass the salt, my food needs some salt man!”

“I already told you after the eighth time, too much salt is bad for you!”

Later on~

“Can you pass the pepper?”

“Didn’t you hear me? Salt is too bad for- oh wait. Pepper? Oh, okay. Here you go.”

Or habits could occur as something that could affect many people.

Example #2

“Woah, woah,woah. Why are you in my house, which the method you used is called intruding, cleaning my bookshelf that I told you never to touch at 6 am?”

“You know how I went by your house last night? Well, I saw your dirty bookshelf and I spent all night thinking about the dust and germs on it! I even had a nightmare about it! Dude, I have to clean this now. You’re lucky I even came here at 6. I would have come at 2.”

“Ugh, clean freak. Fine go on and clean but don’t you dare touch by signed Heroes of Olympus series, because if you do…” *grabs knife*

Okay, so maybe that goes a bit overboard, but habits can affect others around you. For instance, bad habits like ones that should never be done. Smoking, drugs, fooling around with the laws and people. Those stuff leads to dirty, nasty habits that should have stopped once introduced. Then your habits can spread to the people around you and next you know, everyone has the same ugly habit.

However, there are good habits. Ones that should be spread over the world. If you’re Catholic or Christian, then my grandma will be a good person to introduce you to. She is a very big person in religion and every time she comes over, she brings good habits along with her. She reminds and prays the rosary with us because we slack off on that. She tells us stories of God and knows many answers to any question we give her. No wonder she was a teacher.

Please, please don’t get into those bad habits, okay? Go for the nice ones. The nice ones will lead you to a good life. A life full of happiness and peace (hopefully). Stay away from the baddies!