Leader and Followers

There are two types of people in the world. The leader or the follower. The leader will do what they think is right and act upon it.The follower is someone who doesn’t use their own opinions and just flows along. 

In 6th grade, my teacher asked us,”Are you a leader or follower?” She went around the entire classroom asking each one of us, who was the leader or follower. I remember some of my classmates saying leader but she disagreed. I didn’t want to be a follower so I chose the better option, leader.

But, what is the better option? Without a follower there is no leader and without the leader there are no followers. There has to be both. The leader is like the representative. The person most brave to lead their followers to their goals. The followers, do what they do. Follow. Follow where they believe is right and just. 

There are downsides to be either of these options though. Some leaders take control over the power and become tyrants. The followers just go along with what everyone else is doing. 

When I look back at it, I seem more of a follower especially back then. Now, I seem a mix of both. I assume that most people are a mix. There are times when you stand proud and tall being the leader or the timed when you hide in the crowd, just following the motions. It just matters what you choose. Either option is fine but it matters of how you deal with it. So, my question for you is…

Are you a leader or follower?

Baekhyun- Beautiful

I don’t know why people hate this beautiful amazing guy. He is personality and voice is unique and special that holds so much emotion. This is such an amazing OST that I can’t help but want to scream and fangirl about Baekhyun.

I haven’t watch all of the episodes that are out yet, only two so far, but I think it’s kinda obvious who she is going to pick. *whispers*Chanyeol*whispers* I feel bad for our squishy D.O. The part where Ji Yeon Hee, played be Moon Ga-young, struggle to grab her phone from Chanyeol’s hands made me laugh because I understood her. The pain of being short and not reaching anything.

Ducks and Geese

Man, I can’t believe I have to retype this because it’s hard to get back my ideas, but here it is. Oh, if you’re wondering about what I meant, it was because I accidentally clicked the back button on my computer, so everything I wrote before deleted, again. Oh technology, why do you do this to me? Anyways, here’s what this post is actually about.

So, in my English class we started doing poetry. Our assignment was to write a poem based on a picture that sparked inspiration and emotion from us. I didn’t have a particularity picture that I had in mind but I did know what I wanted to write about. Loss, loneliness and emptiness. This poem was for other children and families who miss their love ones that are in the military. Specifically towards, children and parents. I may not have a military family member but I do know the feelings that come around since my papa is a merchant marine.

So, to embarrass myself in the internet, here’s my sucky poem.

Goodbye, goodbye, there they go

Off to another world far from home

Into territories so unfamiliar

If only they could go home


Away, away, away from home

Away from their families where their hearts are own

Now in a place, far away from home

If only they could go home


Ducks, ducks, ducks, children of geese

Without them, no guidance for these

If geese are away, the ducks are afraid

Geese are their light

But now there is only darkness

Feeling lost and loneliness

For a child without a parent, is like a bed without sheets


If only they could go home


They feel like the Son of the Sea God

Left to be ignored and shunned

The bonds sometimes forgotten

But afterwards they regret their begotten

If only they could go home


Letters, calls isn’t the same

Your face, your smile still shining in my face

Without you, without them

My life is a shame

Your presence is so far but the memories still here

I miss you and all the things that we did and used to share

But there is one thing that will always be shared

And it’s the love for one another and to care

Sometimes, life isn’t what you expected

But it is what it is

If only they go home

Do you see my allusion? I had to put Percy Jackson in it because PJ is amazing! Honestly, I don’t even know why the whole ducks and geese started but it did. We have to also do an elegy which is something that I don’t know exactly what to do on. I heading towards the love route though. Hm, the so much ideas I could go for…

Who Else Has No Social Life?

Okay, before I go on and rant in this post, let me ask you something.

Has your parents told you something similar to this?

“Stop being lazy! It’s a nice day outside, spend it with your friends!”

Have they? Because mine sure haven’t. I’m going to tell you something that I never told you guys before. I have no social life. I don’t go out with friends and attend parties. I don’t go to the mall or park. Believe me, it’s not that I don’t want to, its just because I’m not allowed.

You see, my parents are very,very, VERY, protective over me. Especially over me. I’m not allowed to walk to my bus stop, not allowed to go anywhere with my friends including houses, movies, or anywhere general and I’m definitely not allowed to have a social life.

I’m not joking! My bus stop is literally a few streets away but I’m not allowed to walk there because they are afraid of bad things happening. So, they have to drive me basically everyday, just to a bus stop. What a waste of gas, right?

I wonder what’s it like to hang out with friends, outside of school. It must be fun right? To go to all these different places and adventure out into the world. To do fun things without the teachers and principle always looking at your area and waiting to scold us. You know what this post was inspired from? My mom. My friends wanted to invite me to go the theaters so that meant I had to ask my mom and she said,”The time isn’t right yet.” Makes me sound like Percy Jackson.

After that, I told her I don’t have a social life because of all these restrictions. Guess what she said?

“You don’t need one. After college, you can start going to all these places and have that social life.”

IS MY PARENTS THE ONLY ONE LIKE THIS? I never heard parents ever saying something similar to this. Usually, its the opposite. But nope, my overprotective parents must keep their precious princess stuck in her tower.

I don’t want to be that princess. But if I had to be any, I would be Rapunzel, because at least she got her freedom (even if she did have to escape).

It’s boring to be stuck in a house with just technology. Although, technology can be amazing sometimes, it just isn’t the same, you know? The summer especially sucks, because I have nothing to do.

If you have read this far, I applaud you for actually reading my rant over my parents. Thanks for reading!



I had this really long post that I have been meaning to write down. So I typed it on this app on my phone which is a note app and guess what? BASICALLY EVERYTHING DELETED. It was (in my opinion) a really great post and post now have to retype the whole thing.

Laggy smartphones that is an old model will be the death of me. This is why I only used my laptop. I regret everything.

Yesterday and Today

Hilo to you and everybody who is currently reading this. These past few days have been super, super busy but I want to tell you something that will most likely will always happen to me until I reach adulthood. 

Maybe you don’t know this (because I never quite said it before) but my papa is a merchant marine. This means that he gets to travel all over the world through different oceans and see so many wonderous sights that some people can’t enjoy. He gets to eat different cusine that isn’t at all western like and meet so many different people from different races and culture. In an pretty cool job like this, there has to be a huge backfire to this, and there is. It means that my papa always has to leave us, his family.

Yesterday, happened again. He left. Honestly, sometimes I don’t get upset over it beacause I’m used to it. My father always had to leave during my childhood and my siblings, missing out in the momentable things in pur lives. Awards, birthdays, little life achievements. Its sucks. This time, however, when he left I felt more upset than usual. Why? Because this was the shortest time he ever came here. A month. He only stayed here back in the safe place called our home for a month. 

I should be glad that he stayed a month. To others a month is a long time. Parents and family members that joined the military doesn’t even see their family for a year. My family, gets to see him personally every four months or so. But call me a bit selfish, that isn’t enough. A month is never enough. Nothing will ever be enough because I want to always see my mom smiling over a joke my papa said in their native language. I want to see him talk about cars with my Kuya and lil brother. I want to hug him and feel the comfort and talk about the most randomest things. I’m a selfish person you can say, but for a good reason.

Yesterday was full of tears in the morning since he had to leave during school. I cried hard in the morning that my parents had to take me to school so I can calm down. You know, I was so happy to be in school that day. To be with people I see everyday and feel their happiness because I needed it. A distraction from the absence of my papa. 

Today, was filled with normality. Him leaving is normal to my family. We’re used to him leaving so it is just the four of us. Normal but with a huge gap in our hearts that can only be filled when all of us are here. 

Yesterday and today is pratically my life every few months or so. Going to an emotional day to normal. This is my life and I wish it had least tears in it.

Girl’s Generation-Catch Me If You Can

WHOO! SOMETHING AMAZING HAS HAPPENED TODAY. I hope you guessed correctly by looking at that title but I am going to say it anyways. SNSD’s new Korean and Japanese MV is out on Youtube on Smtown’s channel.

It’s so beautiful! I love the dance which is really cool and pretty hard looking. I also loved the fact that Yoona, Yuri and Sooyoung got more parts now! Especially Yoona who only gets one or two more lines! Hyoyeon even got more spotlight and was dancing in the center for a while which is another great thing because why did SM always put the main dancer in the side? Just because they aren’t visuals? Low.

This is also the first MV without the amazing Jessica Jung which abosulelty sucks but it’s okay. If Jessica and GG is happy we SONEs should be happy too. It will forever be forever 9 in our hearts!

Catch Me If You Can is going to be a MV that will hold a special place in heart. This is my first SNSD MV as a SONE! Although, I would have liked it with all 9 but, I will forever support this group of sisters!

This is personally not my favorite but it is well done because for me, Into the New World will forever be my favorite SNSD song.

Go ahead and watch! Let’s raise those views!