EXO-Call me Baby MV

I’m smiling like an idiot and crying at the same time. EXO’s new MV is finally here and its more beautiful than I ever imagined.

http://https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yWfsla_Uh80 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-qm0xh0VK4 

The choreo was amazing! I like how everything flows and that Xiumin and Sehun got more screen time! The outfits and hair went along with the music and background really nicely. Let’s get this to 5 million in one day!

EXO Teasers!

So since three days ago, all EXO teasers are finally out! Whoo!

The best thing I love about these teasers is they included the super powers. Their super powers has been with them since debut and I’m glad they added it. I’m so curious about their comeback! The teasers are mysterious and kinda weird but makes me want to watch it. (I put the order of the teasers from the the last to come out to the oldest.)

Also, did you hear what some smart fans figured out?
C olorado (D.O)
A rizona (Chanyeol)
L ondon (Kai)
L yon (Baekhyun)

M arseille (Suho)
E dinburgh (Sehun)

B arcelona (Tao)
A lmaty (Chen)
B erlin (Xiumin)
Y unnan (Lay)

Dang, I would have never caught on what SM did. This was pure genius!

EXO- First Love

FELLOW EXO-LS IT IS HERE. Sadly, it’s not the Call me Baby MV but an offical song by EXO in Korean and Mandrian. It’s so beatiful I’m crying because it’s amazing!


Sehun has more lines now! 

Xuimin also has more lines!

Whooo, more lines for the members for the least amount of lines. It isn’t as much as everyone else but hey, it’s progress.



Hilo everyone! Sorry, I haven’t posted at all during this week but I have a good excuse. Life. And also no internet. You see, I was away from the comfort of my home to go to the wilderness and camp there. Actually, it was in a campisite but it felt like the wilderness since there were so many trees. 

Let me start at the beginning shall I? The place where we camped for four days was in the mountains in northen California meaning we had to drive in our van for hours. Luckily, I downloaded all of EXO’s albums (like the obessed fan I am) so it wasn’t all that bad. However, by the time we were at the mountains it was dark. As in picth black without any light except from cars and the moon. This wouldn’t bother me as much if we weren’t driving on the edge of it right by the ocean. So many twists and turns…

Anyways, we hiked some trails up the mountain where I tripped many times and almost died. The view was worth it though. My family and my cousins also went into this really cold river where we climbed up rocks and threw mud at this gigantic rock trying to make a picture. We tried to make it heart, that did not work out so well.

The neighbor next to us had the cutest baby! SHE WAS SO CUTE. She kept saying hi and bye to us everytime we passed by or just around their area. It was her birthday and her parents were nice and offered us cupcakes. Of course I took one because who could resist a free birthday cupcake? 

I also learned poker. Poker is now my addiction. Since we didn’t have any poker chips we used peanuts. The first practice game we had, I won by a lot of peanuts. My cup was filled almost to the brim. Unfortunately, my cousin won the other game and I got third. I got lucky though because that last game I had no more peanuts but gained some back so it was surprising I even made it that far. 

The only thing terrible about this week was the traffic going back home and Zayn. I’m not as much as a Directioner as I used to be but it still sucks. 

This was my week, how was yours?

Spring Break! 

Its finally here, spring break! I have been waiting for this for weeks because I can finally catch up on my sleep. If i sleep a lot then maybe I could finally grow a few inches… I see my the end of these next two weeks if it happens but for now, if you are having spring break just like I, have a good one! Make sure you do awesome things or just relax because school is gonna come back soon that you can’t do any of those things. Happy spring break!

Gore Fanficton 

Okay, before I say anything, let me just say that I am a wimp. I can’t watch things with a lot of gore and people dying whether it is in a real life movie or anime. It’s not who I am. So, it makes me wonder, how I ended up finishing this really cool, interesting but gore fanfiction. I finish it in one sitting and couldn’t look at the toliet that entire night. Although, gore is not my thing, I do admit this fanfic was really good. It was really unexpected at the end and original. Check it out! 

It’s called Red Velvet: Cursed and is on Asianfanfics. If you seem intersted to read it here’s the link:


Hope you enjoy! 

Guess Who’s Back?

Hilo, hilo, hilo! Before I start doing anything, I want to say sorry. I haven’t posted in about a week and this year, I promised myself that that wouldn’t happen again. Unfortunately, it did happen again and I’m so sorry. 

So, let’s recap this past two weeks, shall we? 

Happy Sunday to Saturday. Happy International Pancake day and Happy Pi day. Happy birthday and happy anniversary. I think there is more ‘happy…’ but just post in the comment section if I missed any. 

Fellow K-pop fans, did you see VIXX’s comeback Love Equation? Beautiful. I think they are going to be one of my favorite K-pop groups. EXO’s comeback might be coming really soon, so EXO-Ls let’s be prepared for that! Going back to some old news, everyone knows this by now but SNSD’s Taeyeon is getting a solo album and I just can’t stop fangirling because, she is amazing! Her voice…never been so jealous in my life. 

Also, many things have been happening in my life that took most of my time these past weeks. We found the car keys the next days after I lost it, my Papa came home from Japan and homework has been piling up a lot more. By the way, just saying, green tea Kit Kat is really good. Like really good. 

Hopefully, I could update and post more. So I hope to see you guys soon!