About time!

I have never felt so confused in my life. Today, I finally used my brand new Windows phone. Yay. Except, I never used a Windows phone in my life. I never met a person with this mind of phone so I’m experimenting on it. So far,from my observations I conclude that I understand nothing. Gonna experiment more now in case I need to dial 911.

Sorry Teachers!

Times like these I feel bad and respect teachers even more. They have to handle noisy,obnoxious and annoying students every single day. They can’t just get all angry at them and start sprouting swear words in front of them but instead act calm. How do they do that? I’m a person who gets annoyed really easily so I wonder how much practice they have to do just to act calm.Guess I can cross teacher out of my career list.

Sometimes, I feel bad for teachers that get hate. Sure, they can be really boring but isn’t that their job? Well, not to be boring, but to teach? They are teaching what us, students, should be listening and studying. Sure, they can make lessons just a bit more fun but I guess thats just how they teach.

To all you teachers out there, thank you for everything you have done and for putting up with us. You guys are the reason why we are smart. You encourage us and teach us things that parents cannot. Thank you.

Shadow Lamp Entry #1


Dear Diary,

What’s it like to be a shadow? Terrible.

Okay, I’m not going to sugar coat it and try to be all nice. Let me say it right now, being a shadow sucks. I can’t move anywhere unless my object version moves or of the sun. How does it feel if you had to be in the exact same place for hours? It’s boring. I just stand there being a good shadow I am. Well, guess what? I don’t want to be a shadow anymore! I want to be real and be able to be turned off or on just like the real version of myself. I want to have color and shine bright. I want to be just that but I can’t. I have to be stuck on this stupid wall and just lay here. Where’s a genie where I need one?

Help me,
Shadow Lamp

The Life Story of Original Chapstick


Original Chapstick has never been jealous in it’s life until now. Her original home used to be Walmart waiting for someone to buy it. For it was it’s job is to help the human’s lips preserve and beatified. It has been waiting for seconds, to minutes to long boring weeks.

It began to wonder,”Why isn’t anyone buying me?” Original Chapstick soon found it’s answer. Strawberry.

Everybody was buying Strawberry Chapstick! How could those humans do that, it wondered. Aren’t I better? Less smelly? More natural? Why would they pick Strawberry over me?

These thoughts have filled Original’s mind for a few more days until erased when it was finally bought. Finally, Original sighed (mentally) in relief. It was happy to be in used and help the human’s life.

Later, it began to resent humans as Original Chapstick rolled away in the deep corners in the bathroom floors. Never to be seen again.



Jeez, this was weird but for some reason I keep looking at my chapsticks and boom, this happened. Gosh, I’m a weirdo.</strong