A Real Family

Every family isn’t perfect. It isn’t like in Full House where everybody loves each other equally and everything is perfect at the end. Real families are different and so imperfect that it’s just hard to deal with. Separation, adoption, fighting, divorce and so much more can cause a hectic and troubled family. Yet, that is a real family. The not so picture perfect family that always fights against one another, but somehow, sometimes, they manage to stick together and love one another.

A real family loves one another forever until the end. For some, the end is near but their love will never die.


I have no use for this but as soon as I saw it at Walmart, I thought of EXO.


This is one of the very first videos I watched from EXO and not gonna lie, I thought it was weird. But after watching and listening to it many times, I loved it. Still do.

Can’t wait for their comeback!


Yes! 70 followers!

Okay, 70 might be a random number to celebrate but I had 69 followers for quite some time. 69. I’m kinda perverted (can’t help it) and this has been bothering me for a few days. Hehe, sorry for my pervertness.

Thank you everyone who has followed this blog! It means a lot to me!


In just a few years, I’m going to be an adult. That terrifies me. I will have to make life decisions that will affect my whole future. I’m going to meet all kinds of new people that I may or may not like. Eventually, I will separate from my friends and family as we part ways and go around the world. Like I said, terrifying.

Some people, think that’s its exciting and feels like a whole new adventure. Really? Going to the real world, all alone, is an adventure? To me, that sounds like trap full of unknown surprises that can be both good or bad. I don’t like bad surprises but how am I supposed to know to avoid it? Sometimes, bad things happen that we never want to experience. And I never want to experience that, but is our life really that simple? Unfortunately, no.

This adventure to some of you is like a mouse trap to me. There’s an unexpecting and inexperience┬ámouse that might be caught and hurt during the process of exploring the new sights and sounds. Why should I go through that pain?

Growing up, is one of the most questioning times I had and still am having. My mind is full of so many questions that just can’t be answer. I wish that life would just give me all the answers to this life long test.

P.E. Problems

Gym class came be fun for me except for the one thing I hate the most. Running.

I love to do any other sport but that. Football, basketball even soccer, which I suck at. Those are fun to do. Running isn’t because I can never get a good time on it.

Today, we ran the mile and I got a personal best of 10:58. I’m happy but should I really be happy for getting a C? I was 2 seconds from earning a D. 2 SECONDS. That’s so very close to something I try not to receive.

It’s times like these that I wish that P.E. isn’t counted toward our GPA grade. You know how much easier it would be to get a 4.0 GPA? Last semester, I could have gotten it but since my running times are slow my grade goes down a lot. But it forces us to recognize our bodies that we don’t really notice in other classes. You find out your BMI which is something that should be taken seriously. I’m in the overweight category unfortunately and last year was almost at obesity. P.E. helps us try to figure out our body and what we should do with it. It forces us to move and for the overweight people too sweat and loose weight. That’s good. But do you really have to grade our BMI?

In my area, if you aren’t in the healthy zone in the BMI, you already failed part the testing. Personally, that’s messed up. Why do you grade how health we are? Some of us have a hard time sticking to diets and having the time to work out. It’s messed up.

To sum things up, if a zombie apocalypse ever occurs I would one the first to go. Brains~

Comparing Dream Phone to Reality

I am the type of person who replies to a text a day after. Maybe a week even a week after depending on life. So if you want me to give a reply, ask my parents first for a better phone first then we’ll see about that. Having a sliding phone, that isn’t very good at staying in silent mode or vibrate, is something I will most likely not carry around with me 24/7.

When summer comes along, it will be officially three years of having the same phone. The same button pressing, boring phone. Sure, a lot of you may be judging me for being selfish. Some people don’t even have phones, you might think. But I am a human being meaning, I want things. Right now, I really want a smart phone so I can just watch my Youtube and anime in peace without having to bust out our family laptop everywhere I go.

This phone(above) is basically my phone.

Now this phone(above), is what I want.

If you had to choose one, which one would it be? For me, it would be the fricking IPhone which does so many things that my slow phone. You may be the person who would prefer the slide phone but that’s your own opinion and mine is hands down for that IPhone.

Don’t Give Me That Look Edward

I feel so bad right now. I haven’t watch anime in weeks and I’m still in the 20-30 episode area of FMAB.I am sorry to disappoint you Edward.


Don’t give me that look Ed. I promise one day, one day I will finish this anime of your life story. But don’t worry, I know you end up with Winry.