Guess the initials


Hilo! This is a picture I made, I think a few months ago and I just wanted to show it to you guys. I’m not showing it to brag because, it’s just plain okay compared to some amazing artists out there.

At first it was just a regular sword with an unknown person holding it, then since I was super duper into Fairy Tail(still am, just not as much as I used to be) I added those letters. Never really finished it though, as you can see how boxy and the extra unneeded lines.

Can you guys guess who’s initials are those?

Update: Halloween Terror

School today was a bit uncomfortable. Remember my last post about my slightly inappropriate smurfette costume? Well, it wasn’t that bad as I thought. That’s only because I had to hold my math binder for the entire day.

But when the only time I did out it down,at lunchtime, one of my friends commented on it.

Wanna guess what he said?

“It looks like you have yellow nipples.”

Exactly my thoughts.

Anyways, my Halloween terror is officially over(I hope) and I do pray that I might get something a bit different more appropriate next year.

Happy Halloween to you guys and have a fun but safe time!

My Halloween Terror

Today is the spooky, candy filled day, Halloween. A lot of you guys love, hate or just plain neutral about it. Me? Absolutely love it. Getting so much sugar and having fun with my family, I love doing that. What I hate doing is getting the most important thing, a costume.

For two or three years I wore the exact same costume. It was a black and green sparkly witch costume. We never knew if we should go trick of treating until the last minute and that doesn’t give me much time to go to the store and buy one. Last year I wore a mask, of the green, ‘It’s alive!’ man Frankenstein. I wanted something a bit more than a mask but since every year is last minute I found it, in our crib (The crib is toys my siblings and I kept over the years and left it there. Sometimes, when my cousins come they go and play with it, so it isn’t unless all the time).

Anyways, this year, we actually planned to go beforehand. That was a big shocker. Even more, it’s with my other cousins that we haven’t been trick or treating with the last few years. Which means I have to find a good costume.

I am a slightly insecure person. I base on what I wear that day on thinking of what other would wear. I based my backpack on looking nice so others wouldn’t comment and judge harshly on it. Some people say they don’t judge but I know that they actually do. Every human does, even me. We judge each other no matter what but the difference is how they act to that. Will they make faces? Whisper or comment about it? Or just glanced and say nothing at all?

That’s what I’m worry about. I have cousins who are very blunt and I know they mean the best but that affects how I do things and pick things. This is why picking up the perfect costume was such a struggle.

Last weekend, it was my first time entering Party City. It was just…wow! There was so many costumes on that one very wall. It has pictures of the costumes showing the prices and sizes. Then to get it, you order to one of the employees and they ask their coworkers in the storage room to get it.

I never seen so many costumes at one time even if they were pictures. There was so much to choose and I had school the next day so I can’t look until it closes. I look automatically look for the cheap ones, costumes close to $20. Then I found it. It was an smurfette.

I tried it on, and thought it was the best thing ever and bought it. Now, I regret everything.

There are two fake flowers on the costumes and it happens to be on my chest area…and I’m wearing it to school.

Do you see the big inner problem I’m having? Not only does it look very, very inappropriate, it also gives out a signal, ‘Look this way!’

So here’s my advice to all you guys. Make sure you pick the costume that won’t make you regret it.

Although, my inner terror doesn’t seem that bad, I guess it’s just the nerves that’s getting to me.

Wish me luck!


Guys, let’s face reality here: the world fucking sucks. I’m pretty sure you heard of that already and how unfair it is but today it truly hit me hard of how much it sucks.

Everyone experiences pain. Emotionally or physical pain. Either way, you feel it hurts you messing up of you who are. A lot of people give into this pain by taking drugs, doing crimes and hurting themselves or worst.

Right here, right now, I just want to say: stop. Stop giving in. Don’t stop fighting against it. Never stop. If you stop, if you give up, then you just lost your motivation of living a happy peaceful life.

If you stop fighting, the people who loves you will also be hurt. You may take most of the damage but your love ones are hurting because you are.

Don’t ruin your life by inflicting pain upon yourself and taking drugs. At that point, it may have seem the best option but in fact it’s the worst. Drugs and self- harm are the worst possible way of solving a problem. It may have felt good and made you feel better but later you will regret it. Why are you giving yourself pain when others are unknowingly being given worst. Those people are receiving diseases and the true unfairness of how the people in this world is.

If you think the world is unfair because of some stupid thing remember: someone always has it worst so be glad.

This week at my school is Red Ribbon Week where we say no to drugs. Although that’s the main, general message, right now I believe there is should be something more to that. I believe that’s it more like say no to drugs and never say stop to life.


Today guys I want to tell you about a problem that I have seen in my band class. It’s been bothering me since the beginning of the school year and right now I’m going to express how I feel.

This school year, I finally decided to join my school’s band. Last year, I was in choir but since it’s only for 7th graders, me being an 8th grader, couldn’t join this year (Hey, I just realized something, I never did tell you me age, did I? Welp, there you go). Anyways, I play the amazing brass instrument, trumpet, and is currently in second chair. Now here’s where the problem starts.

So in my trumpet section there is seven trumpet players in total. I’m not gonna shay their real names but first chair will be called Player A and then I’m Player B and so on. The chair on the left of me is third chair which is taken by Player C. Directly behind Player C is Player F. Since, this is beginning band, we are still learning the notes and how to play better. But I don’t think Player C remembers that.

Let me rant about Player C. This guy always pisses me off and I don’t get angry that easily unless you’re my brothers. Anyway, Player C thinks he is the best at trumpet. He tells me that Player F should quit band because he sucks. Although that may or may not be true, it’s just messed up to say that out loud especially when Player F can hears him.

Not only does Player C complain how bad Player F is, he also isn’t great at sportsmanship. I don’t know if other bands do this at your schools but in my school we do this thing called challenges. A trumpet player can challenge only a trumpet player that is directly above their rank. Example: Player G cannot challenge Player A but Player G can challenge Player F. The challenge is who plays the song best and then the class along with the teacher decides wether they stay or switch. They can challenge each other once a week.

Anyways, the trumpet player directly below is Player D, fourth chair. Player D challenges, Player F about three times. The first time Player D couldn’t make it and the other two times he forgot about it. Today, Player D forgot about the challenge until I reminded them. And boy, did Player C get pissed at me. He told me that he didn’t want to loose his spot so he didn’t say anything about the challenge.

To me, that’s a bit unfair. Okay, the challenger did forget but you can get your spot back anytime.

Also, I hate how Player C acts towards me. When we warm up, he pushes my trumpet down, for a reason I totally forgot. He does this every single class.

Chairism: acting superior than all the lower rank chairs behind you

(Oh, also chairism isn’t actually a real word to describe this situation. Chairism is a real word but I wanted to make up a new word. The ‘ism’ in chairism is like in the words racism and sexism. See? Both racism and sexism are having someone being acting superior than the others. So getting what both have in common the ‘ism’, I stuck it behind chair.)

How to prevent: Speak up

Ugh. I just realized that this whole post was supposedly to be all about chairism and how to stop it. Instead,it’s just a gigantic rant over Player C. Sorry about that, but having to endure this guy for a few months now, I have to let off a bit of steam. I’m also sorry if this was a bit confusing so if you got kinda confused just ask!

Ouran Host High School Club

I never ever thought I would like this anime. NEVER. Back then, when I was new to anime, I searched randomly through the internet to add to my ever growing list of,’must-watchs,’ and somehow came across the 26 episode anime, Ouran Host High School Club. After reading Wikipedia, it didn’t sound very interesting to me.

So few months later, meaning this spooky October, I watched it. And guess what? I loved it! When my anime life started, I didn’t think I would go for the romance genres. I wasted so much time!

The Host Club

Since I just shared my astonishment to Ouran HHSC, you may be wondering what it’s ¬†actually about, for those of you who have never heard of it.


The story begins with a commoner named, Haruhi Fujioka. She attends Ouran High School, where the wealthy are educated. One day, when finding a place to study, she accidentally enters Music Room #3 where she meets the,all-male, Host Club. The Host Club immediately thought she is a boy and begins to converse with her, much to Haruhi’s displeasure. When trying to escape, she knocks over an expensive vase. Since she didn’t have that much money to pay them back, they all decided for her to become a member of the Host Club to repay her debt. After finding out she was a female, she was still forced to pretend that she was a guy.

I really, really like this anime! Really funny and it explores the characters very well. There is some things that might bother you like twincest but it isn’t that bad.

Although I really like this anime there was a few things I didn’t really like.

1) The random monkey that throws banana peels so the characters fall and won’t reach their goal. Sometimes the monkey is great and funny but when it’s a more serious scene I don’t like it because it kills the mood.

2) Renge’s laugh! I watched the subbed version and I just really, really, REALLY, find her laugh a bit too annoying.

Hehe, just two things which means there are a lot of good things about this anime. I do recommend for those of you anime lovers you like romance but don’t recommend for action lovers. No fighting or violence whatsoever except a few punches.

Now let me introduce you the Host Club!

The “Boy Lolita” type, Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka


The “Little Devil” type, Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin


The “Princely” type, Tamaki Suoh


The “Strong but Silent” or “Wild” type, Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka


The “Cool” type, Kyoya Ootori


Finally we have the honorary member of the host club and known as the “Natural” type, Haruhi Fujioka


I’m really sorry I couldn’t post over the week but because of school and homework, I didn’t have time. Most likely, I will be posting of the weekends.

Now here’s the opening!

Sorry if there isn’t any English lyrics, I couldn’t find any videos with them!


Thank you!

Hilo! Today I’m really happy and its all thanks to you guys! Recently, I just hit around 150 total views and a little bit over 20 followers. To some of you, those are really small numbers. To me, this is really big. I never thought I would go as far as that and I want to thank all of you. This may not be much, but I drew this drawing just for you guys. It’s Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail!

This was my first time using this app called SketchBook. I didn’t like how this version was going so I didn’t continue.

The outline and eyes in the new draft.
I wasn’t sure about the hair color at first but I wanted it to be exactly like Juvia. But now that I think about it, it looks similar.
I know her fur collar is white but I did a light shade of Gray (lol) instead.

Almost done!
Whoop final drawing!
Whoop final drawing!
This is the photo I based it on. I used my iPad and had to double click the home button so many times just so it can look similar. I wanted to do the face expression the same but after I got frustrated in trying to draw the left eye I went with happy, winking face

Heh, it’s not the best drawing you probably ever seen but that’s probably the best drawing I ever drew. Even if it’s on an app.

Once again, thank you everybody for your support!