Modern World Sucks Sometimes

Hilo everybody! I live in America, where technology is used everywhere at every single second of our human lives. Technology is good, it helps us and without it most of us bloggers or lovers of social media wouldn’t be here reading this. That’s great. But you know what’s not great? Using technology, for large, LARGE amounts of time without real necessity.

Right now, I have fall break. That means relaxing and so much more sleeping time. It also means for others, like little siblings, to always play video games like the Xbox.

I love the Xbox. I have an account and even at one point had Live. It’s was fun and still is. But to use it for hours and hours and hours….JUST FUCKING STOP ALREADY. GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY WITH NATURE OR SOMETHING. READ A BOOK OR GO TO REAL LIFE PEOPLE.

tumblr_n3rt4yyOnZ1s49xrqo1_500 See? As simple as that!

Sangami Needs Your Help!

Hilo everybody! So it’s not me that needs your help but instead a Fairy Tail fan fic writer named Sangami.

Read her profile for her how her problem started:

I could have just gave you a summary but why do that when you can copy and paste an URL? Anyways, if you are lazy like me to click that link, I guess I just have to tell you a short summary.  Ugh, fine.

So, Sangami finally updated her story “Love, Rain and, Frozen Tears” a few days ago. Her husband accidentally deleted the fan fic and it chapters 1-12 wasn’t backed up because she changed computers last year. If you read her profile, you can see how heartbroken she is.

For those of you, that read my last post a couple of days ago, I put the link to her fan fic. If you have, by any chance, have copies of her chapters, you can heal the broken hearts of Sangami, me and all her devoted readers. If you do, just send it to her by the fan fiction website. Just click that link from earlier and send as quickly as you can!

And for those of you that don’t have copies of her amazing work, if you have an fan fiction account please ask around or post it on your profiles!

Thank you!

UPDATE: Heh, it’s all good now. The story is back on! 🙂

September: Fan fiction Recommendation 1

Hilo everybody! Welcome back! If you read my previous post, you would know that I love to read fan fiction. I go basically every single day just to find new chapters on my favorite stories or just browsing around seeing something worthy reading.

Today’s fan fiction recommendation is the popular anime Attack on Titan.

“Perfect Harmony” by scorchedtrees

AU: In which there are pianos, Tchaikovsky, and a flutist named Erwin Smith. Rivetra. Rated T for crap Levi says. 

Rated: T 

Language: English 

Romance/ Friendship

Petra x Levi! Ahhhh love this pairing!!! Greatest SnK pairing of all time, in my opinion! Others ship Levi with Mikasa or Eren. Me? Petra for sure. If you need any convincing, just look at more of scorchedtrees stories.

Click here for Perfect Harmony:

Click here for scorchedtrees profile:

Another fan fiction I got for you is a Fairy Tail fan fic. 

“Love, Rain, and Frozen Tears” by Sangami

When Lucy is critically injured in the Grand Magic Tournament, Juvia blames herself. “Juvia does not deserve Fairy Tail’s kindness… Juvia does not deserve Gray-sama,” she cries to the dark, pouring heavens. Enter one silver-haired ice mage and a very irritated Gray. Set after manga chapter 291: Naval Battle. Gray x Juvia x Lyon

Rated: Fiction T

Language: English


Probably one of the most saddest and emotional Fairy Tail fan fic I read in my entire life. There is just so much emotion and feelings, that I literally cried! I’m a Gruvia shipper but I just can’t decide which to ship, every single time I read this fan fic! Also,recently it got updated!

Check it out here:


For you anime lovers out there, have you guys ever watched Attack on Titan(most likely yes) or Fairy Tail? If you have, what’s your favorite scene and why?

For me, my favorite scene in AoT, or Snk as some like to use the original Japanese words, was when the trainees chose the Scouting Legion. The emotion they felt, how scared they were and maybe some regret was so much. It shows a lot of courage to be in the Scouts, the most dangerous choice there was.

For Fairy Tail, is mostly all of Master Makarov’s speeches. He may be a silly perverted old man, but he knows what to say to give courage to his family. Especially love that scene in the Fantasia parade. Haha, did you guys notice how small and short Laxus when he was little? He was around Master Makarov’s height and then puberty comes and BAM! Becomes a giant.


So here’s some recommendations for you fan fic readers and writers out there! Thanks you reading! Stay tune for more recommendations for fan fiction and books, as well!


Okay, so I have some serious a question, that will make a big effect in my later posts. Do you know what fan fiction is? If not, it’s stories that are written by fans of the author’s works. Fan fiction writers use the characters and plot to write their own stories they think of. Mostly fan fictions are romance or family genres.

I am a fan fiction reader. I haven’t written any fan fiction myself but I do plan on that sometime in the future. Anyways, I want to recommend some fan fiction to you guys but I have a question.

Do I have to ask permission to write good things and the title plus summary before I post?

Please, comment down below because I’m not really sure. Some people ask others to use their artwork. Does that same thing apply to this situation. I’m not copying and pasting the whole story on this blog, I’m just recommending it to you guys and giving a quick little summary I made.


I bet you’re wondering…

Hilo everybody! In my last few posts and even the title of this blog, I think you’re wondering what ‘hilo’ means. It isn’t a real word…I think. I checked it online and all it gave me was results on an Hawaii island. No, I’m not Hawaiian or have anything to do with Hawaii. Although, I do love their macadamia nuts. Anyways, hilo is a word I made up in around June? July? I’m not really sure but somewhere around that time. Hilo is a combination of the two most popular American greetings. Hi and hello. Do you see? I’m not very sure why I say it now but I just do. So yes, that’s is what hilo means.

Do you have any made up words you say or use? Comment down below!

My Writing Goal

Hilo everybody! I love to think of stories in my head. Whether sad, happy or romantic stories, it just pops up. I never actually written those stories down before. Well…actually that’s a lie. I did happened to try that one time. Never did work out well. Is it just me or when you think of something and actually do it, it isn’t as wonderful as you thought it would be?

At that time, when I tried writing for fun, I never did really try. I wrote a chapter then put if off until I never wrote about it again. This year though I’m making a goal. I’m going to write at least a short story, edited, and will finish it by next…summer. Yes, I know that’s in 2015 but with school and homework and just life in general, I have trouble with all of this. So wish me luck on my writing goal!

Do you have any goals that involves writing or reading? Comment down below if you do! Remember to follow Hilo Randoms if you want to read more quickly!

Fairy Tail: Shipping


I’m a fangirl when it comes to shipping. If someone goes against my shippings I can’t help but argue, even though I know in the back of my mind that that’s their own opinion. BUT I CAN’T HELP IT! Since a few months ago, I have recently watched the popular anime Fairy Tail. This anime has made me gone to full anime fangirl shipper.


Here’s a brief summary of Fairy Tail. This anime mostly revolves around the two main protagonist Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragoneel. They become a team, along with a flying cat named Happy, in the most powerful guild,Fairy Tail. Together along with their nakama (friends) they battle against other powerful mages and guilds.

lucy_heartfilia_render_by_annaeditions24-d6nij36                                                             Natsu-Dragneel-fairy-tail-17464810-1798-2560

Somewhat later on the series, is the Phantom Lord arc. This arc introduces badass Gajeel Redfox and Juvia Loxar. When Juvia finally turns to the good side, she automatically loves the Ice mage, Gray Fullbuster. Here’s what irritates me the most though. Some people think the way Juvia acts around Gray is creepy.

Juvia_first Fairy-Tail-image-fairy-tail-36777300-900-816     587304-fairy_tail___155___large_14Juvia-New-FairyTailAnime-CharacterArt

Juvia’s clothing transformation and animation throughout the series

Gray-Fullbuster-fairy-tail-34836716-380-190 The Ice Mage stripper Gray Fullbuster

Juvia had a rough past because of the rain. Everywhere she went, the rain followed. Drip,drip,drop. When the rain finally went away because of Gray, she knew she was in love. Since then, she stalked him behind pillars and gave him food and items, hand made by her. She called other women ‘love-rivals’ and talks about Gray’s body. Most people find that she only likes Gray because of his appearance. That’s not true.

Think about it. It’s hard to express your true feelings out. When it’s about the littlest of things or something majorly important and life changing. Will you always tell your crush all the single reasons why you like him/her? I guess, the only way she can express her feelings is saying ‘Juvia loves you’ (she talks in third person) and talking about his body.

Together though, they are just too cute! At first, it is beyond noticeable that he doesn’t think the same as Juvia. He sometimes ignores her and sometimes is very weirded out by her very direct advances. Though, it can be sure that he cares for her as a nakama. Throughout the series, it shows them becoming more closer and it shows a bit more of Gray’s feelings toward Juvia.

And that wraps up this post but I did forget to say: Gruvia is my Fairy Tail OTP! I shall forever support it! For you anime lovers out there, go ahead and watch! When you do answer this: what is your favorite shipping in Fairy Tail? Who’s your favorite character and if you were part of that world what would your magic power be?  Answer that in the comment section! Thanks for reading!

ibxktkj7d7y5jW          Gray_and_Juvia's_Unison_Raid

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